Mark Scott

Chief Technology Officer

Mark’s 30 years of experience in various IT sales management and marketing positions made him the ideal choice to become TechReset’s Chief Technology Officer and a Partner in the company.

His deep industry understanding and expertise allow Mark to work closely with large corporations, healthcare institutes, educational facilities, and to find more ways to safely erase and repurpose IT equipment.

Before joining TechReset in 2014, Mark held senior Partner Relations positions at Dell Corp and Dell Canada, where he managed and cultivated primary client/partner opportunities. He also worked in senior solution-selling positions at Xerox and Canon Canada. Mark’s wealth of industry connections has allowed TechReset to gain a significant foothold in IT sustainability across Canada.

When he’s not playing hockey and golf, Mark enjoys family cottage life with his wife and two grown children. He is a member of Ducks Unlimited and coaches local hockey and soccer.

Mark has a BA from the University of Western Ontario-ACS.