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Securely Dispose Of IT Assets – Key Steps To be Taken By An Organization


When it comes time for an organization to upgrade its IT equipment, it needs to dispose of any equipment that will no longer be in use. The most sustainable decision is to safely recycle the end-of-life IT assets of the organization.

Typically, just 41% of computers in North America are recycled when they reach the end of their useful lives. Recycling tablets or printers is even less common, with merely 9% of devices being recycled. One of the key reasons that companies hang on to their old IT assets in place of correctly recycling is a fear of privacy invasion and data theft.

There are quite a lot of ways you can protect your data before you consider e waste disposal in Toronto for old or out-of-date IT equipment.

Delete & Overwrite

Deleting the data on the IT devices is essential, but simply erasing the data is not as much as necessary. Data recovery programs mean that recovering removed files is comparatively effortless for would-be hackers. Overwriting vital data with other data is a strong defence against data recovery programs.

Tools are available to help you in overwriting the data on your IT assets. CCleaner or Darik’s Boot and Nuke are options that work wonders irrespective of the platform being employed by an organization. These programs work wonders by overwriting the vacant space on the drive with random data so that your original data, folders, and files can’t be recovered.

Should you want to take a few steps prior to sending the devices to TechReset for Securely Dispose Of IT Assets in Toronto, deleting, and overwriting is a wonderful place to begin.

Backup Your Data

The aim of wiping the devices is to fully and everlastingly remove data. It is therefore very imperative that before you clear the devices, you make sure that you have backed up any essential data. The options available are in abundance, including flash drives and hard drives as well as could and online options. The most excellent option will differ from organization to organization, so decide what works wonders for you and your organization.

During the backup process, double-check for any removable storage equipment including card readers, DVD drives, USB ports, etc. that need to be get rid of from the device.

You can have faith in TechReset to Sanitize Superfluous Devices

Devices that are no longer required by your organization could still be useful. TechReset will make sure the end of life IT assets of the organization are safely and efficiently recycled in a secure and responsible way.

At TechReset, we pride ourselves on our Securely Dispose Of IT Assets and secure data destruction. We abide by PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act) of Canada, NIST SP8000-88 Media Sanitization (National Institute of Standards and Technology), NAID Certification (National Association for Information Destruction) and SERI R2:2013 Standard Certified for end of life electronic recycling in Mississauga.

We offer a secure chain-of-custody service, meaning that we track the movement of the IT assets from the instant we pick them up at your company until they enter our secure building.

You can rest assured knowing that when your devices arrive at TechReset they are securely wiped and sanitized, getting rid of the entire data so that they are safe to be recycled or refurbished. This not just makes the life of devices bigger and keeps them out of landfills, but the process even recovers precious materials, lessens greenhouse gas emissions, cuts pollution, saves resources and contributes to the circular economy.

We, at TechReset, Can Certainly Help

If you’ve got any servers, devices, or other pieces of electronic waste that need to be disposed of, reach out to the team over at TechReset. From refurbishing to data center decommissioning, we have got you covered.

To explore more how our hard drive shredding in the Toronto process works, feel free to contact TechReset at 905 510 8969 or drop an e-mail at!