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About TechReset

TechReset specializes in the secure and sustainable disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) and secure erasure or eradication of all confidential data through hard drive shredding or certified data cleansing. We use industry best practices to repurpose older or unwanted IT assets in an environmentally friendly manner, providing our clients with peace of mind—and often money back in your pocket.

At TechReset, we strive to provide a safe and responsible method for companies to dispose of their unneeded IT assets and e-waste. In the disposal of electronic waste, we practice the original three Rs of the ITAD industry by removing, reporting on and repairing equipment—plus we’ve added a fourth: repurposing what you want to get rid of. TechReset can earn you money for your older computer equipment, helping to offset the cost of new hardware.

TechReset is proud to repurpose more than 90 per cent of the equipment we receive from large companies, healthcare institutions, government, and more. We provide our clients with a unique Certificate of Data Cleanse or Destruction on each individual drive that guarantees all sensitive information has been securely eliminated from your devices, as well as a Certificate of Landfill Diversion that attests that your equipment has successfully avoided disposal via landfill.

TechReset also offers responsible hard drive shredding and disposal, a service that ensures complete data destruction, accompanied by certification guarantee.

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