Data Destruction Certificate

Data Destruction Certificate for Data Destruction Done Right

There are several ways to destroy data on unwanted or obsolete IT equipment. Irrespective of the chosen method, it is essential that the organization can demonstrate compliance with data protection and environmental requirements to their:



Data Destruction Certificates

Many of today’s data erasure service providers offer their clients a single and simple ‘Certificate of Data Destruction’, stating that the data has been erased. Typically, no detailed information is provided for how the destruction was carried out or details the assets that previously held the data.



Data Destruction Certificate

The IT asset disposition (ITAD) industry currently has no independent certifying authority that guarantees data destruction certificates. There is a high risk that these simple certificates would not provide sufficient evidence that the data has been safely and securely destroyed in line with legal requirements. This could leave the clients open to litigation for not applying an appropriate level of diligence.

The best practice is to use a professional provider of data erasure services who provides digital certificates of data destruction that include comprehensive data sanitization reports to address these risks. These provide clients with the auditable proof that they need to confirm complete compliance with the government’s guidelines on secure data destruction.

TechReset is a leading provider of ITAD services. Our data erasure services include providing a certified online digital data destruction certificate and detailed report that documents the erasure for every device.

What is a digital certificate of data destruction?

A digital destruction certificate is produced once the data has been erased by TechReset’s specialist data erasure software tool. The software automatically tracks and records the details of the data destruction process, producing a PDF file for the client that contains the certificate and the evidence.

The information contained in the certificate includes:

Unlike a paper certificate, this digital certificate of data destruction is fully auditable.

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Which methods produce a data destruction certificate?

TechReset provides you with a certificate confirming data destruction for all the methods that we use. A digital destruction certificate with evidence is only produced when the data is destroyed using disk erasure software.

We provide a DVD or online video of the equipment being destroyed for data destruction using degaussing or hard drive shredding. These provide the necessary evidence to our clients that the equipment was rendered completely unusable.

Data Destruction Certificate andData Shredding Services