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Better Value From Your IT Equipment Inventory

Equipment Inventory is crucial, given the rate of change in IT is staggering. New products are faster, cheaper, with more features and more storage, and use less electricity. The lifetime of mobile devices is now just two years, with three years for desktops, storage, and servers.

Computers are very much like automobiles. New models with more features are frequently released. The value of every investment that you make steadily declines, eventually to zero. To maximize your return on investment, you need to dispose of IT equipment when it still has a resale value.

Most organizations do not have the time or the experience to find out the market value for their IT equipment. This is where TechReset can help. It starts with equipment inventory.

What we do

TechReset is an experienced provider of computer disposal services that guarantee safe and secure assessment and disposal of your unwanted equipment and data. We specialize in the secure and sustainable disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) and secure erasure or eradication of all confidential data through hard drive shredding or certified data cleansing.

We use industry best practices to repurpose older or unwanted IT assets in an environmentally friendly manner, providing our clients with peace of mind—and often money back in your pocket. Get started with equipment inventory.

Equipment Inventory

Our onsite equipment inventory service

Our professional IT asset disposition services can take a full inventory of your IT assets. Our skilled and insured technicians will carefully assess your IT inventory on your premises and provide a comprehensive report on their condition and resale value.

This can help you identify assets that should be replaced to maximize your return on investment. Once they have been replaced, we can take the unwanted equipment off your hands, guarantee secure data destruction, and get you the best possible resale value.

Gaining value from your equipment

We are experts at getting the best value from unwanted IT equipment. Our experienced team can turn your obsolete IT assets into saleable items. Our commitment to redeployment uses the best practices in the industry to evaluate, sort, and salvage inventory that can be repurposed. We use a network of trusted partners to get you the best possible resale values.

Obsolete Equipment
hard drive shredding

Secure data erasure

TechReset data destruction services provide world-class solutions for the effective and reliable destruction of all data for all types of data storage. Our data destruction services meet or exceed all relevant industry regulations and standards and are fully auditable. We provide you with erasure reports certifying that the data has been destroyed using ITAD best practices. Contact us to discuss your equipment inventory and data erasure.

Saving the planet

As leaders in our field, we go beyond simple computer recycling by ensuring the least environmental impact possible while helping to put money back in your pocket.

We strive to limit the environmental impact caused by IT equipment that has been disposed of improperly. More than 90% of the equipment we recover is resold, repurposed, and donated. TechReset is an ISO 14001 Environmental and R2:2013 certified institution - for responsible recycling practices, we are proud to have a zero-landfill initiative policy.

Used Computer Buyer and Equipment Inventory

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