Technology Lease Returns

Helping you with Technology Lease Returns

Today, many organizations lease technology instead of buying it outright. Technology leasing has many benefits, including;

Technology Lease Returns: The Challenge

But what happens when the lease ends and you have to return the equipment? Returning things like Televisions is easy. You unplug them, give them a clean, box them up, and that’s it.

IT equipment returns are different. Lots of data is stored on IT equipment. That data can contain confidential and sensitive information about your company, your staff, and your customers. If this data gets into the wrong hands, then the harm to your business can be catastrophic. To eliminate this risk, all data should be securely deleted before the return.

TechReset data destruction services can do this for you.

Technology Lease Returns

Data Destruction

Data destruction is a cornerstone of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). When you are returning technology, our world-class data destruction services will ensure that your data is no longer accessible by anyone.

TechReset can safely and securely destroy the data without damaging the IT equipment before it is returned. This provides you with a convenient, prompt, and cost-effective way to eliminate the risks of a data breach and meet your legal requirements for data confidentiality. From a data perspective, we get rid of everything. Guaranteed.

As a Silver Partner with Blancco, the gold standard in erasure software, TechReset can guarantee forensic-level data sanitation for your technology lease returns. All secure data erasure is followed by the delivery of a Certificate of Data Cleanse.

Data Destruction Standards

All data is wiped from the media using software that meets or exceeds the relevant standards and regulations. These include:

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Proof of Data Destruction

It is important that you are able to demonstrate the secure destruction of data to any auditors and regulators. Our data destruction services provide, as standard, a Certificate of Data Cleanse for every IT asset. This provides an auditable report of the media sanitization, including serial numbers and asset IDs