E-waste Recycling Process

Don't Trust Your E-waste to Just Anyone

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the term for any discarded electrical or electronic devices. Sending e-waste to landfills is no longer an option for any environmentally conscious organization, as e-waste causes pollution and depletes the earth’s resources.


We strive to limit the environmental impact caused by IT equipment that has been disposed of improperly. More than 90% of the equipment we recover is resold, repurposed, or donated using our smart, secure solutions for your equipment and data.


TechReset is one of the industry’s most experienced and trusted providers of computer recycling services and a proponent of green IT recycling. As an ISO 14001 Environmental and R2:2013 certified institution - for responsible recycling practices, we are proud to have a zero-landfill initiative policy.


We are proud that our e-waste recycling process strictly adheres to R2 compliant computer disposal services. R2 stands for Responsible Recycling and is the global standard created explicitly for electronics recycling and provides industry guidelines for the disposal of hazardous e-waste.


As trusted and experienced computer recyclers, we ensure that all surplus electronic equipment is disposed of properly in accordance with all relevant national, provincial, and local regulations concerning e-waste recycling processes.

E-Waste Recycling Process

E-waste Recycling Process

So, how do we recycle your e-waste in an environmentally responsible way?

Our e-waste recycling process

Here are some of the activities for e-waste recycling that we use within our wider suite of IT asset disposition (ITAD) services:


  • Asset evaluation: Our environmentally responsible approach starts when we receive your used or surplus computers for recycling. Upon arrival at our facilities, our professional technicians carefully assess all your equipment and provide a comprehensive report on their condition and value.

  • Data destruction: We securely destroy all of your data, meeting or exceeding all relevant standards and legislation. We get rid of everything. Guaranteed. At TechReset, we offer both data erasure and physical hard drive shredding to ensure your information is safely and completely removed from your devices.

  • Audit trail: Our auditing process provides an assessment of your financial return and the proper tracking of individual serial numbers. We provide you with indemnification and information chains for your records for all equipment that we receive.

  • Remarketing equipment: If the equipment has a resale value, we use our trusted network to get you the best possible price. This provides a return on your original equipment investment and can be used to offset the costs of e-waste recycling. We also donate obsolete working equipment to worthy causes.

  • Disassembly and sorting: If any item can’t be resold or donated, we will break it down into its component parts. Electronic equipment contains useful substances such as metal and plastics and toxic substances such as lead and mercury. Disassembly and sorting into material streams allows the materials to be re-used to make new products, ensuring zero environmental impact.

  • Remarketing components: Disassembly also harvests usable components such as processing chips, memory, and hard drives, which can be remarketed.

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