Workforce Reduction

What do you do with Surplus IT equipment if you Reduce your Workforce?

Just about every organization reduces the size of its workforce at some point. It might be part of a major restructuring exercise, outsourcing, or a seasonal reduction after hiring temporary staff for a peak. Whatever the reason, you will probably be left with surplus IT equipment that needs to be dealt with.

IT asset disposal (ITAD) can be challenging if you’re not used to doing it. There are many things to consider, including getting the best price for the equipment, data protection issues, and environmental considerations. The good news is that TechReset is here to help you!

We help you get the maximum return from your previous IT investment while ensuring that you comply with data protection legislation. Our expert team will work with you to design the best approach for your particular circumstances, seamlessly blending our services and expertise that are most appropriate for your needs.

Our services include:

On-Site Removal

Our experienced and fully insured technicians will safely uninstall and remove the surplus equipment from your workspaces in a way that minimizes any disruption. We will then securely transport the assets to our facilities for processing.

Product auditing

TechReset will evaluate your surplus IT assets and provide a comprehensive report on their condition and value. This will help you to assess your expected financial return.

Secure data erasure

We guarantee to remove all data, ensuring that you comply with data protection legislation, using data erasure and physical hard drive shredding to ensure your information is safely and completely removed from your devices.


TechReset are experts in turning old IT equipment into saleable items. Our commitment to redeployment uses the best practices in the industry to evaluate, sort, and salvage inventory to create value.

Zero landfill initiative

We strive to limit the environmental impact caused by IT equipment that has been disposed of improperly. More than 90% of the equipment we recover is resold, repurposed, or donated to worthy causes.

TechReset uses the best practices in the ITAD industry to provide you with income from your surplus IT equipment, using our smart, secure solutions for your equipment and data.

Our commitment to redeployment uses the best practices in the industry to evaluate, sort, and salvage inventory in an ethical way will also give you the peace of mind that you have helped save the planet.

Surplus IT equipment

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