Data Centre Decommissioning

Securely Decommission Your Data Centre

Decommissioning any data centre can be complex and challenging. There can be several reasons why you want to decommission the data centre, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy and wind down
  • Transition to the Cloud
  • Data centre consolidation
  • Lease expiry

Whatever the reason, you will need to ensure that all of the data centre equipment is safely removed and all data is securely destroyed, often within a short timeframe.

The volume of equipment in a data centre and the physical size of individual assets such as storage arrays make this type of IT asset disposition (ITAD) especially challenging.

TechReset is an experienced ITAD provider that can help you address these challenges for your data centre decommissioning project, allowing your staff to focus on other issues.  We can also help maximize your return on the original investment using our experience as a computer broker.

Technology Lease Returns
IT Asset Disposition

Planning the data centre decommissioning​

Our experienced team will create an IT asset disposition plan tailored for your needs. Then help your data centre decommissioning project run smoothly using our specialist services for:

  • On-site equipment inventory listing
  • Asset de-installation, collection, and removal
  • Secure data destruction, either on-premise or at our secure facilities
  • Sale of salvageable equipment
  • Environmentally responsible recycling of non-saleable items

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Secure data destruction

We get rid of everything. Guaranteed. At TechReset, we offer both data erasure and physical hard drive shredding services to ensure your information is safely and completely removed from your devices. Our data erasure complies with all relevant industry regulations and standards.

As a Silver Partner with Blancco, the gold standard in erasure software, TechReset can guarantee forensic-level data sanitation. All secure data erasure is followed by the delivery of a Certificate of Data Cleanse.

Data Centre Decommissioning​

Getting you the best return

At TechReset, we use our skills and experience in computer brokering and our network of trusted value-added resellers to maximize the resale value of the data centre assets. This helps you to get the best possible return on your original investment.

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Environmentally-friendly disposal

We strive to limit the environmental impact caused by IT equipment that has been disposed of improperly. More than 90% of the equipment we recover is resold, repurposed, or donated.

As an ISO 14001 Environmental certified institution, we have a zero-landfill initiative policy. Upon disposal, a Certificate of Landfill Diversion is provided to ensure that all your material has been disposed of using the proper channels.

TechReset uses the best practices in the ITAD industry to provide you with revenue from your surplus data centre equipment, using our smart, secure solutions for your equipment and data.

Our commitment to redeployment uses the best practices in the industry to evaluate, sort, and salvage inventory in an ethical way will also give you the peace of mind that you have helped save the planet.

Data Centre Decommissioning​

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