Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Hard drive destruction is the best data protection solution for surplus computer equipment that cannot be re-used, sold, or donated. This method of destroying data is appropriate for when the obsolete equipment has no demand or when the data has the highest level of sensitivity.

Hard drive shredding eliminates any possibility of access to the confidential data and information previously stored on your surplus or obsolete computers.

TechReset is a provider of IT asset disposition (ITAD) services. We specialize in the secure eradication of all data using hard drive shredding, with sustainable disposal of the resulting waste.

How do we destroy the data?

Our professional shredding service uses industrial-grade mechanical shredders to render the recorded data completely unrecoverable. Our equipment disintegrates the drive by shredding it into small pieces that cannot be reassembled, including the drive platters, mechanisms, and the electronic components.

IT Asset Disposition

Choice of location for Hard Drive Shredding

TechReset is one of the first companies in the country to offer the convenience of on-site hard drive shredding on your business premises using our state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredder truck.

Where there are logistical issues that prevent the use of our truck, we can safely and securely remove the equipment from your premises and shred the hard drives at one of our secure locations.

No matter which option you choose, we provide an unbeatable level of convenience and security for completely destroying your data, putting it out of harm’s way forever.

Our hard drive shredding services

Our shredding services provide:

Hard drive Shredder/Crusher
hard drive shredding

Destroying data on other media

As well as shredding hard drives, TechReset also provides mechanical shredding services for other electronic media. These include tapes, CDs, flash drives, PDAs, tablets, mobile phones, and more. All are destroyed using the same process with the same guarantee of complete data destruction.

Smart, secure solutions for your equipment and data

Our professional and experienced team will work with you to understand your precise requirements, then tailor a solution that meets your needs.

Our services include:

Hard Drive Shredding

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Protecting the environment

As an ISO 14001 Environmental and R2:2013 certified institution - for responsible recycling practices, we are proud to have a zero-landfill initiative policy. We use a network of trusted partners to try and re-use the scrap material from shredding the drive. For any materials that cannot be repurposed upon disposal, a Certificate of Landfill Diversion is provided to demonstrate that all your material has been disposed of using the appropriate channels.

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