IT Asset Value Recovery

IT Asset Value Recovery: What is it?

IT asset recovery is the process of maximizing the value of surplus or end-of-life IT assets. This includes re-using the IT equipment elsewhere or disposing of it.

TechReset are specialists in asset recovery and all aspects of IT asset disposition (ITAD). We provide safe, secure solutions for your equipment and data.

There can be several reasons for wanting asset recovery. These include:

No matter the reason, we offer our clients professional IT asset recovery services that are second to none, designed to maximize the return on your technology investment. With a range of services, fast turnaround, and a national network of reputable buyers, we provide our clients with exceptional results for their asset recovery projects.

IT Asset Value Recovery Activities

Once you have identified the surplus or obsolete assets that need to be recovered, our specialist services can take care of all other asset recovery activities for you. Our professional IT asset disposition services can take the obsolete equipment off your hands, guarantee secure data destruction, and get you the best possible resale value and return on your original investment.

IT Asset Value Recovery

Our Services

We have a suite of IT asset value recovery services that we tailor for each client’s situation. This customized level of service will enable you to get the most money back for your used, unwanted, or excess inventory while meeting all of your scheduling, legal, and logistical concerns.

On-Site asset removal :

Our experienced and fully insured technicians will safely uninstall and remove the unwanted IT equipment from your workspaces and securely transport it to our facilities for processing.

Product auditing :

TechReset will evaluate your surplus assets and provide a comprehensive report on their condition and value. This will help you to assess your expected financial return.

Secure data erasure :

We guarantee to safely and completely remove all data using world-class data erasure techniques that meet or exceed all relevant industry standards and regulations.

Redeployment :

TechReset are experts in turning old equipment into saleable items. Our commitment to redeployment uses the best practices in the industry to evaluate, sort, and salvage inventory with the best possible resale values.

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Zero landfill initiative

We strive to limit the environmental impact caused by IT equipment that has been disposed of improperly. More than 90% of the equipment we recover is resold, repurposed, or donated to worthy causes.