Get Money Back from E-Waste Disposal

Your older computers and IT equipment can earn you new found revenue. Use our simple calculator below to discover the return on investment for your unwanted assets. If you don’t see your equipment in our list,¬†simply Contact Us for an ROI quote on any other types of IT equipment.

Our calculations include:

  • Total value of your units
  • Secure data erasure for every unit
  • Deductions for shipping costs


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Total Money Back: ${{ formatPrice(total_cost.min) }} - ${{ formatPrice(total_cost.max) }}

Total Money Back: ${{ formatPrice(total_cost) }}

Your Region:
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Estimated ROI:
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  • ${{ formatPrice(shipping_cost) }} shipping costs
  • ${{ formatPrice(selected_item.cost) }} value per unit
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Let us help extend the life of your IT equipment and put money back in your pocket.

Get Money Back

Values are shown in Canadian dollars and intended for estimation purposes only. The ROI Calculator provides a general range for the refund available on volume of units based on average unit condition and marketplace value of equipment, deducting estimated shipping costs based on postal code. Currently available to Canadian locations only. Exact condition and value of units requires assessment from our team, please be sure to contact us for more information.