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Secure Data Erasure: Why is it Important?

Data erasure allows you to reduce the risks of data breaches and achieve compliance with data protection legislation. Using TechReset to destroy the data, you can be assured that your company, employee, and customer information are safe. We guarantee to get rid of everything from your surplus IT equipment. Our data erasure services will ensure that your information is safely and completely removed.

What is Secure Data Erasure?

Data erasure is a method that uses computer software applications to overwrite all the data on computer storage devices.  This includes hard drives, memory, and other removable media.  The method is also known as data cleansing, data destruction, and data wiping.

Secure Data Erasure & Hard Drive Erasure

Prevent Recovery

Manually deleting files does not delete the data – it merely removes the index to it. Commonly available software tools can easily recover data that has been erased in this way.


To prevent recovery, data erasure tools overwrite the original data using specific patterns.Some patterns still allow data recovery using specialist forensic tools. Full data erasure can only be achieved by using specialist data erasure tools.

What is the difference between data erasure, degaussing, and shredding?

Data erasure wipes the data but allows the media to be reused. Degaussing completely removes the magnetic capabilities of the media, making it useless. Shredding physically destroys the media, also making it useless.

The choice between these depends on many factors, including the level of data sensitivity, costs, and attitude to risk.

Our data erasure services

As a Silver Partner with Blancco, the gold standard in erasure software, TechReset can guarantee forensic-level data sanitation putting all of your data beyond use. We meet or exceed all relevant standards and legislation for data erasure. Using our data erasure services allows the safe and secure resale, repurposing, or disposal of your used IT equipment.

The specialist software that we use permanently erases sensitive data from all types of media. This software is the industry’s most certified data erasure software for permanent data sanitization.

We can erase data on a wide variety of types of drives, including SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, and NVME,including self-encrypting drives. We support the best global erasure standards, including NIST Purge & Clear and patented solid-state drive (SSD) erasure methods that meet and exceed these requirements.

IT Assets - Secure Data Erasure

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Why use TechReset for your Secure Data Erasure?

Our services go beyond traditional wiping methods that only erase easily accessible areas of the media. The specialist erasure sequence and verification that we use completely erase all of the data, including areas normally hidden to most software applications. We overwrite every sector of the drive, leaving nothing behind.