ITAD - IT Asset Disposition

What Is ITAD and Why You Need It

IT asset disposition, also known as ITAD, is the process for disposing of IT hardware, including computers, laptops, servers, printers and phones, in a way that does not compromise the security of your data and is also safe for the environment.

There will be occasions when you have IT equipment that you no longer want. It is important that you dispose of this surplus equipment properly. TechReset is a leading provider of safe and secure end-to-end IT asset disposition services. We guarantee environmentally responsible recycling for all of your surplus, end-of-life hardware.

Our professional ITAD services deliver organized, documented, and fully auditable results consistent with today’s highest security and environmental standards.

Why is IT Asset Disposition Important?

Many people are under the false impression that you can just throw electronics away like any other unwanted items once they are no longer wanted. This is not true. Here are some good reasons that using an experienced IT asset disposition provider is crucial when getting rid of old electronics.



Confidential data such as passwords, personal information, credit card details and sensitive commercial information is stored on hard drives, solid-state drives and in memory. This data has to be securely destroyed to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.


Electronics contain toxic components that are harmful to the environment, so they should not go to landfill. Professional IT asset disposition companies can recycle these for re-use.


Disposing of electronic equipment in the trash could result in you being taken to court for breaching data protection and environmental legislation. That could be very costly and damaging for your company.

At TechReset, we make electronics recycling easy and safe for you. We recycle all types, makes, and ages of surplus electronic equipment in an environmentally friendly way.

Our IT asset disposition services

Our smart, secure solutions for your data and IT equipment meet or exceed all current standards and legal requirements for safe and secure data destruction and national guidelines for environmentally responsible IT asset disposal and e-waste recycling.

Our state-of-the-art IT asset disposition services ensure that your company’s information, data and equipment are professionally handled and secure at all times. We provide a full chain of custody documentation, and our services are fully insured for your protection and peace of mind.

Our suite of ITAD services includes:

Return on Investment

TechReset understands that surplus IT equipment may have a residual value that can help with the return on your original equipment investment. Our experienced team will conduct a prompt evaluation that will help to maximize your return. Our trusted evaluation services can help you to offset the expense of the IT asset disposition.

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