Hard Drive Crushing

Hard Drive Crushing Services

Depending upon your industry, you may have data that is particularly sensitive, such as health, financial, or personnel data. When you dispose of IT equipment, the implications of a data breach are so great that you will want to remove any risk that the data could fall into the wrong hands.


Hard drive crushing provides a fast, inexpensive, and reliable way to make hard disk drives unreadable. The downside is that the disks can't be reused or resold, but this is much safer for some clients than risking data breaches.

TechReset provides safe and secure solutions for your equipment and data, including state-of-the-art drive crushing services. We provide these services as an alternative to degaussing, disk wiping, or disk shredding for clients with particular security concerns.

How does hard drive crushing Work?

Instead of using specialist data erasure software to remove data from computer media, crushing the drive physically destroys the data on hard drives. TechReset uses a robust hard drive crusher that shatters the platter of each hard drive, making it impossible to recover the data.

Hard drive Shredder/Crusher

Why choose hard drive crushing?

Not every client has the same security concerns and requirements:

For the latter, hard drive crushing provides a fast, inexpensive means of accomplishing that goal.

Why choose TechReset?

TechReset is an experienced and trusted provider of hard drive crushing services. These are part of our suite of world-class solutions for the effective and reliable destruction of all data. Our experienced team will work with you to provide the most cost-effective service depending on your needs and data sensitivity. All of our services meet or exceed all relevant industry regulations and standards and are fully auditable.

All of our data destruction services come with the following as standard:

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Drive Crushing as an interim step

Some organizations cannot tolerate any risks of data being compromised. These include government organizations and the military. These organizations want the complete destruction of surplus IT equipment, but this takes time. Where there is a risk of data being exposed because of the time period between the equipment being decommissioned and the equipment being disposed of, crushing the drive on-site can be used as an interim measure to put the data out of reach.

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