Sell Unwanted Computer Hardware

Getting the Best Price for Used / Unwanted Computer Hardware

Unwanted Computer Hardware can mean money in your pocket.

If you have used IT equipment that you no longer use or want, how can you get the best price for it?  Selling it using online auction tools can seem attractive, but there can be major implications if you do not destroy all the stored data before handing it over to the buyer.

Do you want to take that risk?

Selling to a computer broker can eliminate the risk and give you the best return on your original equipment investment.

TechReset is an experienced computer broker who are experts in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). We buy used IT equipment at some of the highest prices in the industry.

As professionals in computer recycling, we can dispose of your surplus IT equipment and give you a guarantee that all of your confidential data will be securely deleted. Our smart, secure solutions can help you no matter how much surplus IT hardware you have.

Unwanted Computer Hardware

Why Sell?

Selling excess computer equipment of any age to computer hardware liquidators like TechReset will inject revenue back into your business. This will:

What is the difference between data erasure, degaussing, and shredding?

Data erasure wipes the data but allows the media to be reused. Degaussing completely removes the magnetic capabilities of the media, making it useless. Shredding physically destroys the media, also making it useless.

The choice between these depends on many factors, including the level of data sensitivity, costs, and attitude to risk.

What do we buy?

At TechReset, we buy used computers and other IT equipment of all ages, makes, and models, including:

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Our Services for Your Unwanted Computer Hardware

TechReset uses the best practices in the ITAD industry to provide you with income from your surplus IT equipment, using our smart, secure solutions for your equipment and data. Our commitment to redeployment uses the best practices in the industry to evaluate, sort and salvage inventory in an ethical way will also give you the peace of mind that you have helped save the planet. Unwanted computer hardware never winds up in landfill when you work with us.

Our range of valued services includes:

On-Site Removal :

We will safely uninstall and remove the surplus equipment from your workspaces, keeping any disruption as low as possible. We transport it to one of our secure facilities for processing.

Secure data erasure :

We guarantee to safely and completely remove all data, ensuring that you comply with data protection legislation.

Redeployment :

TechReset will turn your unwanted IT equipment into usable equipment. We use the best practices in the industry to evaluate, sort and salvage inventory that can be repurposed.

Unwanted Computer Hardware

Saving the planet?

As leaders in our field,we go beyond simple computer recycling by ensuring the least environmental impact possible whilst helping to put money back in your pocket.

We strive to limit the environmental impact caused by IT equipment that has been disposed of improperly. More than 90% of the equipment we recover is resold, repurposed, and donated.