IT Asset Disposition During an Office Move or Relocation

IT Asset Disposition as Part of Your Plan

Just about every office move involves the relocation of IT equipment. For very small businesses, this can be straightforward, but it is a major undertaking for larger organizations. When relocating complete offices, everything needs to be moved, including employees, office furniture, and IT equipment.

Often the planning of an office relocation will identify IT equipment that is no longer required. Preparing for a move can often uncover old equipment lying around unused and taking up space. The new office environment might be better served by new infrastructure, making the old IT systems redundant. Also, the move might drive equipment consolidation or a transition to cloud-based systems.

All of these result in surplus IT equipment that needs to be disposed of. TechReset can be an integral part of delivering your corporate relocation plan by leveraging their experience and skills in IT asset disposition (ITAD).

Our IT asset disposition services

The experienced TechReset team provide a wide range of professional ITAD services that can help you to complete a successful relocation. We can:

IT Asset Disposition

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Asset Removal and Data Destruction

TechReset works with you to;

  • Deliver a plan for the removal of the surplus IT equipment from your premises and arrange secure transportation to our facility.
  • Fully assess the equipment and provide you with a comprehensive report on condition and value.
  • Securely destroyed all data to DoD and NIST standards before any resale or other disposition and certificates provided.
IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition: Resale

We will get you the best resale value using our network of trusted value-added resellers, ensuring that you maximize the return on your original investment.

Equipment Inventory

Environmental Impact

We strive to limit the environmental impact caused by IT equipment that has been disposed of improperly. More than 90% of the equipment we recover is resold, repurposed, or donated.


As an ISO 14001 Environmental certified institution, we have a zero-landfill initiative policy. Upon disposal of any materials that cannot be repurposed, a Certificate of Landfill Diversion is provided to ensure that all your material has been disposed of using the proper channels.


Using TechReset’s equipment relocation services can help your organization to complete a successful move while protecting your data and recovering as much of your initial investment from the sale of excess IT as possible.

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