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Welcome to our ITAD guides resource section. Here you will find everything you need to know about ITAD best practices, areas your business should be concerned about and information to help you make an informed decision regarding your end of life technology assets. We have made it easy to learn more about the 4 critical areas of IT Asset Disposition processes. Those being Data Security, IT Asset Disposition Best Practices, Recycling and Hard Drive Security.

Data Security

IT Equipment Disposal​

Data Destruction Policy

Data Destruction Policy Introduction A data destruction policy is a set of written principles that guide how to properly dispose

data sanitization

Data Sanitization and Methods

Data Sanitization and Methods Introduction Data sanitization refers to the deliberate process of permanently and irreversibly destroying data stored on

What is Hard Drive Disposal Service

What is Media Sanitization

What is Media Sanitization? How Media Sanitization Works NIST media sanitization guidelines provide a simplified framework of how to erase


Offsite Employee Asset Depl

IT Asset Recovery

IT Asset Recovery Introduction Whether your organization is expanding, updating systems, upgrading equipment, or retiring old infrastructure, these changes can

Data Centre Decommissioning​

ITAD Service Companies

ITAD Service Companies ITAD Service Companies Introduction IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services have grown into a billion-dollar industry thanks to

IT Team in Data Centre

IT Asset Audit

IT Asset Audit Introduction For any corporate entity that maintains some IT infrastructure, it’s essential that the various hardware and

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Data Centre Decommissioning

Data Centre Decommissioning Introduction Data centre decommissioning is the practice of removing data centre hardware for relocation, resale, recycling, or

e-waste recycling

IT Asset Disposition ITAD

IT Asset Disposition – ITAD IT Asset Disposition – ITAD Introduction What is ITAD? In this article, we’ll be exploring

What is IT Equipment Recycling

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

IT Asset Lifecycle Management Introduction What is asset lifecycle management? In essence, it’s the discipline covering all considerations relevant to

What is IT Equipment Disposal

IT Equipment Disposal Introduction Proper disposal of IT equipment procedure has become increasingly relevant. According to research by the Synergy


Old Computer Parts

How to Salvage Electronics

Ways to Salvage Electronics Introduction You and the environment benefit when you salvage electronics by properly disposing of them prevents

Electronic Waste Recycling Company

Electronic Waste Recycling Company Introduction TechReset is a certified e-waste company offering comprehensive electronic waste recycling services. We provide electronic

Best Practices used in the Disposal of E-Waste

Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic Waste Disposal Introduction As the electronic and digital computing markets continue to expand and gain in popularity worldwide, the

E-Waste Recycling

Electronic Waste Recycling E-waste Recycling Introduction E-Waste Recycling is more important than ever before. As of 2021, the average American

Hard Drive Security

What is Hard Drive Destruction?

What is Hard Drive Destruction?

What is Hard Drive Destruction? Tips for hard drive destruction and disposal To safeguard information security and for regulatory compliance

IT Equipment Disposal​

What Is Hard Drive Disposal

What is Hard Drive Disposal? Securely Dispose of Hard Drives and SSDs In a world that’s incredibly dependent on electronic


Computer Liquidation Services

How to reduce electronic waste

How to Reduce Electronic Waste Reduce Electronic Waste: Introduction Individuals and corporate bodies are increasingly reliant on electronic and digital

What is IT Equipment Recycling

E-waste Disposal Techniques

E-waste Disposal Techniques Introduction E-waste Disposal Techniques: Knowing the ways to dispose of e-waste is important for businesses and individuals

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