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IT Asset Deployment - Why You Need It.

Every organization uses IT and should have a robust process for deploying and managing employee IT assets. This applies to newly hired employees, existing employees when their IT equipment is replaced, and employees who leave the company.

Effective IT asset deployment and management will help optimize IT costs and provide a better experience for employees. There is evidence that 70% of employees will stay with a company for longer if they have a good onboarding experience.

There can be significant impacts on IT operations and unplanned costs if sufficient attention isn’t focused on offboarding. Research has shown that over 80% of ex-employees still had access to at least one application from a former employer. Out of those, 45% reported having access to confidential data. IT asset disposition (ITAD) is just as necessary as IT asset deployment.

IT asset management (ITAM)

TechReset can help you by providing trusted services for IT asset deployment, management, and disposition.

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The IT asset management lifecycle includes:

IT asset management (ITAM) is one of the components for successful IT operation. However, it is often low down in the priority list of IT teams whose priority is keeping the IT systems available. This can result in an inefficient IT department that can be more expensive to operate and severely impact employees.

By using our IT asset management services, you can be certain that new employees will have the necessary IT equipment when they start with you. You can also be confident that all surplus IT equipment is securely and safely disposed of.

The benefits from using our employee asset deployment and management services

Using the services provided by our experienced team can allow you to:

Our employee IT asset deployment and management services

TechReset offers a wide range of IT asset management services designed to provide you with real solutions and money-saving results. These include:

Our experienced ITAM specialists will work with you to determine your requirements and provide you with practical solutions to meet your IT asset management objectives.

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