Delivering the greatest possible good

Although our industry has been around for many years, it isn’t widely known or understood. TechReset provides services in the IT industry under ITAD—or IT Asset Disposition—which is a complicated way of saying the disposal of obsolete or unwanted equipment.

TechReset is different. We follow ITAD industry best practices from start to finish for every job we complete. No matter what, our goal is to deliver the greatest possible good—for you and for our communities. We start by paying you fair market value for the equipment you give us. Next we securely erase or shred your data and provide a unique proof document for each individual drive that guarantees the job was done. Then we repurpose more than 90% of the equipment for resale. It’s good for us, great for you and excellent for the environment.

Learn more about ITAD Industry Best Practices in our Resources section.