Circular IT & Electronic Recycling – The Global Impact

Electronic recycling and data security and safety

Electronic recycling and reuse are vital to the planet’s health.

Now is a time of major transformation when it comes to the climate of the world. Even though variations in weather and temperature have been recorded over the years, present-day variations in climate patterns can be directly attributed to human influence. By now, we are familiar that decreasing our demands on the environment in practical ways can minimize our impact – for the good of the planet. This not just takes account of manufacturers of IT devices, but also those of us who use them.

The lifecycle of IT assets contrasts from device to device. The following are some of the most common devices for business use and their usual lifespan:

  • Desktop Computers & Laptops – Five to six years
  • Tablets – Four to five years
  • TV Displays & Monitors – Five to six years
  • Mobile Phones – Two to four years

The company’s own technology refresh cycle may be shorter as compared to the normal lifespan mentioned above, meaning that IT assets are often being retired and brought out of use while they still have life left.

What does this mean for your business?

You need to be confident that your process consists of proper disposition, including your accountability to take care of data left on the devices. It should even have a plan for proper e-waste recycling in Toronto and securely refurbishing items when possible, so devices can find use outside of the company, as a result, expanding their life cycle.

Whether you are planning on a wide-scale system refresh or are taking care of items one by one, you need to make sure confidential data is thoroughly destroyed. Secure Data Erasure is a professional service offered by TechReset that promises accurate data destruction to leave the device data-free. Once data is destroyed, electronic recycling is the next step – we determine what parts can be recycled and resued.

Does the recycling of IT assets put my data at risk?

Proper electronic recycling in Mississauga by TechReset makes sure your company’s safety at every step. Providing a certificate of destruction, in addition to chain-of-custody documentation, you will know exactly what is going on with your device at the time of the data disposal process. When suitable, the device can be recycled and securely refurbished for resale to extend its use and lifecycle.

Does electronic recycling impact our planet?

Not recycling the devices can actually add to the strain on our resources. Manufacturers still need raw materials for production, including the rare earth materials and prized metals that make these electronics work properly. In place of recovering previously sourced commodities from outdated computers, tablets or phones, manufacturers would have to mine for more to produce replacements.

These materials are either limited in the number of potentially hazardous to extract, meaning that using what has already been sourced is the better choice – for the environment and the bottom line of a manufacturer.

The Answer – Circular IT

IT assets auditing and recovery – and using the devices already in circulation – is the most promising option for cutting the demand on our planet and keeping away from potential environmental hazards. Of course, it is required to be carried out correctly. Ensure your solution includes:

  • High rates of material recovery, in addition to commodity recycling
  • Plans for devices post-data destruction, either redeployment or refurbishment
  • Environmental considerations for taking care of any hazardous materials
  • Certified data destruction
  • Secure storage of devices after decommissioning

When recycling IT assets, you also need to mull over the environmental impact. Hazardous materials within such devices such as circuit boards, batteries, and other internal components can be potentially hazardous. Some of them have mercury, requiring special processing for environmentally responsible recycling and safe e-waste disposal. TechReset takes pride in both safely and securely processing each device we are responsible for recycling while passing on this promise to every client.

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