Don’t Ignore a Cash Return on Your Older IT Assets 

IT Assets

The question I often find myself asking is: How can we educate companies on the money they’re needlessly throwing away when they don’t get a cash return on their end-of-life IT assets?

Take this into consideration. According to an article in Business Insider, the total IT spend in 2017 was expected to be $3.5 trillion. That’s a huge number! That number will continue to grow in sync with the world’s increasing e-society.

If you can realize between 10 to 18 percent return when you decide to redeploy or repurpose your IT assets with a company like TechReset, that’s between $3.5 and 7 billion added to companies’ bottom lines.

For many of you, we’re talking about adding shareholder value or greater profit margin for private companies. The unseen value is in the ability to make a capital spending decision on better equipment to improve the quality and productivity of your employees. When you turn in your IT equipment for repurposing or redeployment, it could make the purchase of new equipment more affordable.

We haven’t even calculated in the cost of keeping material out of landfills, or the value of donating your company’s old equipment to a charity. There’s immense environmental and social value in doing either of those things.

But let’s stick to dollar and cents.

How much could your company save?

We’ve put together a handy ROI calculator that you can use for your company.

IT Assets ROINow you can understand why, as an entrepreneur and businessperson, I ask myself why more companies aren’t educating themselves on how ITAD can give them a return on investment even when they think those IT assets are at the end of life. Once they know more, most companies inevitably choose an ITAD provider to help. Don’t be the company with thousands of laptops, desktops, printers, servers, routers and more, and not getting anything in return when you go to replace them. You can get a return at TechReset.

Check out our ROI Calculator to see exactly what that return could mean to your company.