E-waste vs. Repurposing of IT Equipment


While technological advancements are beneficial for many, the ever-increasing amounts of electronic products pose a unique set of problems. These electronic goods do eventually reach their end of life at which point they enter into a system for waste management. The specific issue with “e-waste” products, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, is that they can release harmful heavy metals if they are not properly disposed of or repurposed. If you are a business that heavily relies on technology, the burden of getting rid of e-waste falls on your shoulders.

At TechReset, we advise that you look into repurposing your IT equipment rather than keeping end-of-life technology stashed away or simply tossing your materials into the trash. Our advice is informed by the positive environmental effects of following the proper methods for reusing IT equipment. Perhaps more importantly for your organization, our repurposing methods adhere to numerous legal and industry standards for IT waste disposal. We always guarantee that any repurposing conducted via TechReset will be handled by our certified professionals.

Should you have any materials in the list below, they can be safely repurposed with TechReset.

After data destruction, consider repurposing: servers, RAM, laptops, computers, backup magnetic tapes, and hard drives.

These materials not containing data can also be repurposed: power boards, CPU towers, batteries, circuit boards, screens, cables, chords, server racking, mouse(s), and keyboards.

Here are answers to common questions about repurposing IT equipment.

Why Repurposing Your Equipment is the Right Choice

The reasons to repurpose your IT equipment are many. Below, you will find a summary of why this will be a positive move for your organization. 

  • Repurposing IT Equipment is Cost Effective: Disposing of e-waste usually requires you to pay a fee for the specific expertise that is required to completely delete any lingering data. Repurposing, on the other hand, can actually provide you with revenue. We have set up a simple calculator, which we encourage you to try, to help you discover your return on investment should you repurpose your material.
  • Case studies: We have worked with numerous organizations over the years to help them develop the right policy and plan for their needs. Our case studies have shown us that it is definitely possible to repurpose IT units and deliver revenue to our clients.
  • E-waste’s devasting effects on the environment: TechReset is built on a strong commitment to ecological sustainability. While we understand that small businesses do not contribute to e-waste to the same degree as international giants, we still encourage small businesses to be part of the solution to fight against toxic e-waste disposal. This is in keeping with the World Economic Forum as well as various UN agencies, who have come together to create policies for electronics disposal.

TechReset professionals are experts in Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD), ensuring that we can repurpose your materials while maintaining data security. We have helped many companies securely erase data from their equipment before repurposing unwanted equipment. This includes cases such as organizations that store health records or government data. After our data wipes, we provide all our clients with a Certificate of Data Cleanse to verify that their data has been securely and completely destroyed. Our goal in repurposing your material is to help you gain return on investment while contributing to the reuse of electronic IT equipment in an ecologically sustainable manner. 

Please reach out to us toll-free at 1-800-403-3610 or fill out our online form to find out how TechReset can help you repurpose your IT equipment.