International E-Waste Day On October 14th – An Awareness Initiative

ITAD - safe e-waste disposal

International E-Waste Day was introduced by the WEEE Forum in 2018 to encourage consumers for responsible and safe e-waste disposal. TechReset processes consumer devices as well as professional IT equipment from companies countrywide. Retired electronic waste from consumer products is often collected and delivered to TechReset for proper end-of-life management. We support the International E-Waste Day to create awareness with consumers as well as businesses to aid what to do with unwanted e-waste.

Electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams across the globe. As per the research carried out by BIR (the Bureau of International Recycling), internationally generated e-waste will reach some 53.9 million tonnes by 2025. This is a growth rate of 30% since 2016. Just 20% of universal e-waste is presently correctly each year. The balance is either, thrown away, burned or recycled informally creating health and safety risks and negatively impacting the environment.

Importance of responsible recycling of e-waste

Electronic products are produced using several different components. Materials such as metals (for instance, mercury, palladium, silver, silver, gold, iron, copper, and aluminum), plastics (for instance, PE, PP, and ABS), glass and a variety of chemical compounds are being used. Plus, lithium-ion batteries are often a large part of mobile devices containing poisonous gasses and are a flammability hazard.

Documented and responsible e-waste recycling in Toronto at TechReset is done by taking essential health and safety precautions to protect their staff and the environment. We are frequently audited and certified by several accreditations. At TechReset we do safe e-waste disposal.

For Businesses and Enterprises

Our market research has revealed that a lot of businesses are not aware of what precisely occurs to their retired equipment. It may often be collected by a waste collector, or by the supplier of the new equipment but what takes place after that remains unclear. It is essential to understand the process to protect your data, brand and corporate responsibility efforts, and get rid of the likelihood of your old equipment ending up in a landfill.

For discarded office IT equipment and data centers it is vital to:

  • Optimize the IT replacement cycle to get the most out of reuse.
  • Be aware of what takes place to the retired electronics: make sure responsible for recycling.
  • Check if the equipment has reuse potential in different settings or markets.
  • Verify that the data is correctly wiped out.

Businesses and OEMs can always count on TechReset for reliable ITAD in Mississauga.

What can you do?

Consumers, as well as businesses, are often not aware that a lot of products are repairable and therefore reusable. Every product must be recycled correctly, recovering as much material as possible when the lifecycles can no longer be drawn out efficiently.

In Canada, you can always consider donating your old IT assets to a charity. TechReset supports reboot, which is a registered charity in Canada dedicated to refurbishing donated computer equipment for families, charities, and non-profits. They even provide much-needed access to subsidized technology, software, training and wireless internet connections.

We work hard to give back to help extend access to computers for families, organizations, and schools that need them. Your donations will provide IT equipment for programs like reSTART, which teaches basic computer skills, reSOURCE, which supplies refurbished workstations, reCONNECT to advance computer literacy to seniors, and recycling that will repurpose or carefully break down equipment into parts.

If you also would like to donate your old IT assets or if you’ve got any questions regarding the right way to dispose of old IT assets or electronic recycling in Mississauga, feel free to drop an e-mail at or give a call at 905 510 8969!