Things To Keep In Mind To Hire A Company For Decommissioning The Data Center

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Decommissioning a data center is an extensive responsibility. Apart from shutting down servers and dismantling the equipment, you must make sure the detailed data destruction to put a stop to any security infringements and satisfy compliance requirements. The easiest and most effective approach to have the hard drives and other assets demolished or wiped is to enlist the help of a leading and reputed company for IT disposition and e-waste disposal in Toronto.

Before you start your search, the following are some of the factors to keep in mind:

  • Do you require offsite or onsite data destruction?

A few service providers are required to witness the wiping or destruction of assets, in which case on-premises data destruction is the most excellent preference. For other service providers, it may be satisfactory to have assets collected and demolished by a reliable 3rd party.

If your business necessitates onsite data destruction, be certain that the service provider you are planning to hire offers this service. For instance, there are a few service providers that have got a mobile truck that can come to your facility so hard drives can be demolished on-premises in front of witnesses. An individual from your company can physically look at the process of destruction taking place right in front of you.

For offsite data destruction, try to find a service provider that offers security measures such as seals on their vehicles and photo proof that they have been untouched when they arrive at their facility. Ensure that the service provider you opt for can communicate the status of your assets through the data destruction procedure, allowing you to keep track of items by their serial numbers.

  • Which certificates do you need?

For compliance purposes, a lot of organizations necessitate a CODD (Certificate of Data Destruction). The CODD should consist of the company name, date of destruction, and serial numbers of the hard drive. Organizations with strict compliance requirements may need additional information, such as the make and capacity of the product. Ensure that the service provider you opt for is capable of issuing CODDs that meet the exact needs of your company.

If you plan to re-market or reuse the assets in place of having them physically demolished, you might require a data wiping certificate. TechReset offers services for secure data erasure in Mississauga and can provide supporting documentation as required, in addition to CODDs.

  • What will the de-installation process involve?

A successful de-installation calls for a skilled team to disassemble and transport racks and heavy cabinets full of servers. Delicate equipment must even be packaged appropriately, so the service providers you opt for should be experienced in such procedures.

A few businesses have need de-installation to take place outside of normal business hours. In such scenarios, a representative from the organization will still need to be on-site to point out which components need to be taken away. You may even have need lockboxes for hard drives as a further security measure. Since there are a lot of variables to mull over, it is essential to work with a quick to respond and flexible team that communicates clearly and on time.

At the end of the day, bear in mind that the majority of firms will not take any components that still have power connected to them, so ensure that equipment is taken away from power in advance.

  • What security conditions must be fulfilled to enter the premises?

Associates from the selected service provider will be considered guests, so communicate the visitor policy ahead of time. In a lot of cases, the employees that will enter the facility need to be verified 48 hours in advance. List which forms of identification will be needed, such as driver’s license or passport, and the way they should be sent.

  • What is the physical layout of the data center?

Mull over whether the facility has features that will not accommodate standard equipment. For example, if the floors could get damaged by traditional pallet trucks, allow the service provider to be familiar with, so they can bring in special equipment, such as protective carpeting.

Think of any potential hindrances, from the front door to the place where the assets are placed and back down again. You will need to make sure that the standard elevators are big enough to fit the equipment, or reserve freight elevators if required.

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