What Data Shredding Service Is Right For Your Company?

hard drive shredding

Almost all of today’s companies rely on data. Internal procedures, contacts, and finances all come in the form of data. This signifies hard drive shredding is completely crucial for safely dealing with the IT assets of your company when they are no longer required.

Dwell on the entire confidential and private data stored on IT assets. This data may stay behind even after a device reaches the end of its life – you do not want to be legally responsible if this data falls into someone else’s hands. Inappropriate handling of unused or old devices could result in potentially catastrophic data violations or leaks.

That is where TechReset comes in. Certified by ISO, TechReset safely and securely wipes out data. You can have a sound sleep at night knowing that your data is protected with our certificate of demolition and documented chain-of-custody service. TechReset offers two services for hard drive shredding in Toronto. While both of these services clear the devices of all your data, they are two very different techniques.

  • Certified Data Erasure

Certified data erasure is just like it sounds – the entire data is permanently eliminated from electronic devices. This technique employs specialized encrypted technology to sanitize and wipe the entire data from hard drives and mobile devices. Certified secure data erasure leaves the device completely and permanently cleared from the entire previous data, keeping you and your data safe.

What is particularly wonderful about certified data erasure is that your device can be reused. While the data is removed everlastingly, the physical integrity of the device remains, meaning it can safely be utilized by some other person without the data getting into a stranger’s hands. Think of this technique as wiping out a whiteboard – the information is gone, but the whiteboard can be reused. This technique follows the conventional view of recycling, meaning an old device can find a new life while you’re free to upgrade your systems.

By using certified data erasure you can support the circular economy, an economic framework that aims to keep materials and products at their utmost usefulness and value at all times. Devices sanitized at TechReset can then be securely resold, letting your business get the absolute best value from old IT assets.

Certified erasure is great for cell phones, laptops, tablets, hard drives, desktop computers, and servers of a company or an individual.

  • Certified Shred

The same as certified data erasure, certified shred also permanently demolish the data in its entirety. However, this technique does so by physically destroying the device. Using industrial shredders, the device is irreversibly and completely demolished. Electronics, hard drives, and media are reduced to small bits of metal. Following a certified hard drive shredding in Mississauga, you’ll get evidence that your device and data have been demolished forever.

While the products can’t be reused or resold after they’ve been shredded, materials can be sold as products. As authorized shred reduces and separates component materials like precious metals, steel, copper, aluminum, and plastic safely and effectively, you’re still capable of making the most of the value of the device. Rest assured that regardless of what option you may choose for e-waste recycling in Toronto, you’re supporting the circular economy and recovering as much value from your electronics as possible.

Certified shred is ideal for mobile phones, hard drives, media types, and a lot of other devices.

Regardless of what you need securely disposed of, TechReset can provide complete data and e waste disposal and destruction for your end-of-life or obsolete IT assets. Both options offer the security you need to rest assured knowing that the data is protected. TechReset can offer advice on which secure data destruction service is right for your needs.

To learn more about our ITAD services and what we are doing to promote the safe, effective disposal of technology, call us at 905 510 8969 or drop an e-mail at mark@techreset.com!