Data Erasure


Data erasure refers to the purposeful and permanent destruction of data, confidential or otherwise, using special software and strict compliance with regulatory standards and corporate security purposes. Data erasure is one of the three effective methods of data sanitization.

What is Secure Data Erasure?

Data erasure is the secure and deliberate destruction of data from electronic storage devices in a manner that can never be recovered or retrieved. This erasure involves the use of special software mainly designed to achieve data sanitization. This method consists of overwriting the data with zeros and ones, thus rendering the data unrecoverable.

Secure erasure software is regarded as the most effective way to achieve data sanitization. This method erases data on-site with virtually no downtime. At TechReset, we have partnered with Blancco, the world’s gold standard in data erasure, whose software is patented and provides complete sanitization of storage devices such as hard disk drives and solid-state drives. This software is also used in Windows 10  erasure of data. Blancco’s software also facilitates API integration between its software and your enterprise systems, making it effective with all systems.

Data Retention and Destruction Policy

Data erasure is also a verified and auditable process. We provide a certificate of erasure (much like this one) for every asset scheduled for data sanitization. This not only ensures a secure chain of custody but is in strict compliance with over 25 global policies and standards. On top of being a cost-effective method, data cleaning also helps support your company’s CSR initiatives. Also, it ensures that your assets can be reused or recycled through resale and donation.

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Data Encryption

Encryption is the process of encoding information that only allows access to authorized parties. Data encryption has gained popularity as one of the most secure ways to ensure data security for IT assets in transit or at rest. 

However, the goal of secure erasure is to ensure that the targeted data is entirely unreadable regardless of the electronic hardware or software. Data erasure software encrypts contents to secure data removal by overwriting sensitive data with zeros and ones so effectively that it becomes unreadable and unusable. 

data erasure

Data erasure is more secure than cryptographic erasure (another data sanitization technique that uses encryption). Unlike cryptographic erasure, it is difficult to break the encryption, and this method does not involve the risky business of maintaining multiple encryption keys. Proper erasure is not susceptible to attacks or reversal, and most importantly, offers verifiable certificates of data sanitization. Therefore, organizations can rely on this erasure to effectively secure their data while availing the electronic equipment sanitized for reuse or recycling.

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Onsite Data Erasure

Depending on the nature of your industry or corporate data security policies, you may not be comfortable with releasing your data storage equipment to your trusted IT asset disposition partner for end-of-life processing off-site. TechReset offers full-fledged on-site erasure services suited to your needs and requirements. 

On-site erasure of the data is perfect for companies and businesses with off-lease agreements or those that wish to reuse, redeploy, or remarket their old electronic equipment such as laptops, printers, tablets, and storage devices such as hard drives solid-state drives, servers, and any other storage devices. 

Software-based erasure techniques such as erasure of data are easily done from the comfort of your facility, where you can oversee and verify secure erasure. In addition, TechReset’s technicians are insured and have years of experience. As a result, we guarantee a smooth and seamless erasure procedure.

In partnership with Blancco, TechReset provides on-site hardware data erasure solutions for loose old drives and hard drive enclosures. These hardware solutions securely perform on-site erasure through our patented and effective data erasure procedure. In addition, our services come with a 3-year warranty complete with support.

data sanitization

Our on-site hardware data removal solutions include 8-bay and 24-bay drive erasers configured to support a wide range of drives and server erasers that facilitate portable high-volume secure erasure. Further, we also provide high-volume drive erasers, Blancco’s certified industrial solution, that deliver fast data erasure of loose hard drives and those within drive enclosures. For SD card and USB stick erasure, we offer the Blancco Flash Appliance, a simple volume processing solution that securely achieves data sanitization of these devices. If your security needs are high and do not permit external networks, we can provide a standalone data erasure toolkit that effectively delivers complete data sanitization without connecting to the Internet.

Before we begin the process of on-site erasure of your data, TechReset will thoroughly assess your assets and create an audit report that will detail each asset’s status in the entire process to bolster further an auditable process of the confidential data erasure exercise. Once we complete the on-site data erasure, you will receive a Certificate of Data Cleanse. This certificate confirms the permanent and irretrievable erasure of all the targeted data. It also details the regulatory standards met and maintained, regardless of the data erasure technique you choose.

We are the official silver partners of Blancco in Canada, so you can rest assured that our data erasure measures and processes will meet and exceed any requirement and standard you may have. We are also certified in the ISO 14000 and R2 2013 family of standards that focus on environmental responsibility, quality, and business process transparency.

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