IT Asset Lifecycle Management Tools

IT Asset Lifecycle Management Tools Introduction

IT asset lifecycle management software is a centralized system that helps your organization keep track of the intricate and essential details of each of its IT assets. An IT asset lifestyle management tool is dedicated to the tracking of IT assets from their procurement to discarding.

Key Features

Below are some of the features you can expect to find in IT asset lifecycle management software. At minimum, any IT asset lifecycle management tool worth considering should perform the following functions.

  • Track the location, state, usage, and other vital aspects of all your assets.
  • Vet vendor performance, to help you hone your supplier database.
  • Enable and support comprehensive, accurate audits.
  • Enforces corporate security policy compliance.
  • Help streamline your IT procurement processes.

Business Benefits of IT Asset Lifecycle Management Tools

IT Asset Audit

Effective IT asset lifecycle management maximizes the usage and busines value of your IT assets. IT asset lifecycle management software can also enable additional significant benefits for your business.

  • Improved productivity, by matching technologies more closely to business needs and user skills.
  • Increased vendor accountability and performance.
  • More efficient use of assets and avoidance of unnecessary duplicative purchases.
  • Better strategic decisions thanks to greater transparency.
  • Smarter IT investments, fewer unnecessary IT projects, and lower IT overhead costs.
  • Better IT ROI through accurate, comprehensive details of the financial, contractual, and risk profiles of your IT assets.
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How TechReset can Help in Managing IT Asset Lifecycle

IT assets are costly to buy and sometimes even more costly to maintain across their lifecycles. Organizations, regardless of size or industry, require specialized help in tracking and maximizing the efficient and effective use of their IT assets. Effective IT asset lifecycle management software should do more than help you keep tabs of all your active IT assets. IT asset lifecycle management tools should also help you discard those assets that have become redundant or no longer productive for your organization. These abilities can make IT asset lifecycle management software a valued member of your IT team.

TechReset specializes in the safe and proper disposal of electronic waste. At the end of each of your IT asset’s lifecycle, you need a partner who will help you safely dispose of your e-waste and ensure that you have maximized the business value of your assets.

So, what can we do for you?

On-Site Removal

We guarantee tailor-made on-site removal solutions for retired assets within your organization. Every engagement includes the following.

  • Asset de-installation: tour highly trained, experienced, and insured technicians will remove and safely de-install your retired assets right from your workstations.
  • Non-invasive collection: no matter your industry or type of operation, we can provide on-site removal from all your identified facilities, be it high-rise offices, warehouses, or public places.
  • Smooth removal: Our method has been designed to be as non-disruptive as possible, allowing you to carry on with your day-to-day operations.

Product Auditing

Upon the arrival of your IT assets at our processing facilities, we will carefully assess them and create a comprehensive report, much like this one, that will detail their value and state/condition. This report will also feature the financial return you could expect from assets identified for possible resale.

Additionally, all your items will be assigned unique serial numbers for accurate tracking, as well as indemnification and our proprietary information chains to assist in precise record-keeping.

Data Erasure and Hard Drive Shredding

TechReset offers secure data erasure and hard drive shredding services that wholly and safely destroy all sensitive data from your devices. Further, we are a Silver Partner with Blancco, the gold standard in this industry, and we are happy to share their best-in-class forensic-level data sanitization services.

Once all data erasure is complete, we will give you a Certificate of Data Cleanse and an erasure report that will document the systematic erasure of every device you entrusted us with. Our trusted partner Blancco will issue the final report, an example of which you can see here.


Part of our expertise includes turning old IT equipment into reusable, re-sellable devices. Our team of experienced technicians can determine which of your assets can be given a renewed lease on life. We utilize the best-in-class practices to assess, sort, and choose reusable inventory that you can repurpose within your organization or resell.

Why you Should Partner with TechReset

We go beyond the features of a traditional IT asset lifecycle management tool. We promise to be with you every step of your IT assets’ lifecycles.

While our core specialty has historically been IT asset disposal, we have expanded our skillset to encompass the entire IT asset management pipeline. TechReset’s IT asset lifecycle management tools and processes will provide a holistic view of all your IT assets from procurement and usage through renewal, resale, or disposal.

Further, we are an ISO 14001 environmental certified company with an enforced zero-landfill initiative policy. As our client, you will receive a Certificate of Landfill Diversion upon the successful disposal of your IT assets. This certificate will be proof that your e-waste has been discarded with the highest regard for the environment.

We also work very closely with verified Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to provide you with end-of-life IT solutions for your IT assets. We will manage the safe removal, processing, and resale of repurposed equipment and remit the subsequent revenue to you. More than 90% of the equipment we have dealt with has been resold, repurposed, or donated. No matter what your organization’s goals are regarding IT asset management, we endeavor to deliver quality and value throughout the entire lifecycle of your organization’s IT assets.

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