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Environmental protection and sustainable practices are very much in the public consciousness right now. Viable alternatives to simply throwing things away, such as efforts to reduce e-waste and recycle computer parts and other electronics, are now key strategies for individuals and businesses alike. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at ways to recycle pc parts and responsible methods for disposing of IT equipment and other electronic waste.

Increased Technology Evolution

A generation ago, it was commonplace for households to hold onto television sets and other electronic equipment for several years or even a decade before they considered replacing them. However, advances in electronic and digital technology have decreased the active life of many pieces of electronic equipment. These days, it may merely take months before the latest and most powerful version of a smartphone, laptop, or gaming platform comes onto the market to overshadow the previous models.

Businesses and individuals struggling to keep pace with these improvements are under intense pressure to buy newer, smarter, and better. But what happens to the old equipment?

Increasingly, this obsolete hardware becomes electronic waste or e-waste — discarded material that often contains toxic substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. If e-waste ends up in landfills, these chemicals can leach into the surrounding soil and groundwater, causing damage to the environment and wildlife.

A growing alternative to simply dumping these items is to recycle computer parts and other electronic waste materials.

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Can I Recycle Computer Parts?

It is relatively easy to recycle pc parts. In fact, it’s generally accepted that around 98% of the parts in a standard desktop system can be recycled or reused in some way. 

The first electronic waste recycling system originated in Switzerland in 1991 and was a program initially dedicated to the responsible disposal of refrigerators. In later years, the scheme expanded to include other electronic goods. In the early 2000s, the European Union (EU) introduced a similar scheme for its member states, known as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

A number of projects exist around the world for pc part recycling. In Australia, for example, a National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) has been in existence since 2011. Under this program, Australian households and small businesses get no-cost access to industry-funded collection and recycling services. TV sets, complete computers, computer parts, and peripherals can all be recycled.

In Canada, a number of non-profit organizations recycle computer parts and electronic waste (e-waste) as donations. Among them are the Electronic Recycling Association, Free Geek Vancouver, Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario, and reBOOT Canada. Donors can give old computer equipment and electronics to schools, shelters, community programs, children’s safety groups, and other causes.

If you’re a commercial enterprise or larger organization interested in recycling old computer parts, recycling companies are your best bet for ensuring that all your electronic waste is properly and safely recycled. The partner you choose should be certified, as certified recyclers give you guarantees that they have destroyed all sensitive data before any recycling measure is taken and are committed to preserving the environment through safe and verifiable disposal methods. 

TechReset is an experienced computer broker who is an expert in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). As professionals in computer recycling, we can dispose of your surplus IT equipment and give you a guarantee that all of your data will be securely deleted. Our smart, secure solutions can help you no matter how much surplus IT hardware you have. We also buy used IT equipment at some of the highest prices in the industry.

Recycling Computer Parts that are Still in Working Condition

If you’re upgrading your IT equipment, there’s a good chance that the existing hardware in your home or office is still usable. There are several ways to recycle computer parts that are still in working order.

Putting old equipment to new uses is a great way to extend its useful life. For example, suppose you have an existing desktop or laptop that’s still viable. In that case, you can convert an old internal hard disk into an external hard drive for portable storage with a few external attachments such as a USB connection.  

Likewise, it’s possible to put individual components such as memory sticks, graphics cards, cables, and even system housings to use by transferring them to boost another systems’ capacity or construct entirely new ones.

Major retail brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, and Samsung operate “send back” programs that enable you to trade in your old devices for new ones.

If you choose to recycle old computer parts for cash, you can obtain the dual advantages of benefiting the environment and sustainable economy while putting some money back in your own pocket.

Recycle Computer Parts

There are several online and offline resources dedicated to recycling computer parts for money. The Craigslist website, for example, makes no charge for allowing users to list their old computer parts for sale. 

On eBay’s auction site, you can put your old equipment up for immediate sale at a fixed price or offer it to the highest bidder. Payment takes place via the PayPal platform, and eBay takes a fee for listing the items.

Amazon also charges a fee for listing your inventory. However, payment takes place through a direct transfer to your bank account. Other platforms that recycle computer parts for cash include Best Buy, Nextworth, and Gazelle.

At TechReset, we buy used computers and other IT equipment of all ages, makes, and models, including:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Macs
  • Servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Printers
  • Storage
  • Telephony systems
  • Mobile devices
  • Video conferencing equipment

PC part recycling for cash lets you maximize the return on your initial investment in the equipment and decrease your total cost of ownership (TCO). Disposing of hardware in this manner also frees up space at your premises.

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If community service and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are high on your agenda, donating entire systems is another option for pc part recycling. A computer or printer that is no longer powerful or efficient enough for your business could be a welcome addition to the office equipment of a local school, church, clinic, or other institution. 

We have already made mention of non-profit organizations like reBOOT Canada that recycle computers and other electronics as charitable donations. Canadians looking to donate their computers can also turn to the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA). This organization operates drop-off locations in several major cities and collaborates with many non-profit agencies throughout the country

Recycling Computer Parts that are No Longer Working

There are various avenues for computers and components that are no longer in working condition that enable you to recycle pc parts.

In sustainable manufacturing and raw materials sourcing, pc part recycling yields many important materials. Professional recycling services can successfully reclaim valuable metals such as copper, gold, palladium, tin, and silver from electronic circuit boards. Shredding computer hard drives can yield aluminium ingots, which are employed in automotive and other manufacturing industries.

What Parts Can you Recycle?

What parts can be recycled in a computer? Virtually every part of a modern computer system contains elements that can be recycled (the accepted figure is 98%). This includes the hard drive, cables, batteries, and circuit boards.

Digital electronic and pc part recycling can apply to desktop systems, laptops, smartphones, monitors, DVDs, video gaming units, and peripherals such as printers, copiers, remote controls, and Wi-Fi dongles.

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Recycling IT Assets with TechReset

When you partner with TechRest for pc part recycling, you’ll engage a thoroughly professional service that guarantees the following:

  • Your e-waste will be properly assessed (complete with an audit report).
  • When you recycle computer parts, all data, confidential or otherwise, is completely erased.
  • All e-waste is recycled, repurposed, redeployed, or disposed of in line with federal and provincial guidelines to the highest standards that ensure the safety of people and the environment.

Our accreditation and the certificates and reports that document the work we carry out on your behalf add to your environmental credentials and reduce your carbon footprint while ensuring that all your safety and security needs are met. You can continue to meet your business objectives. We will happily take on the hassle of your e-waste recycling. 

If you’re looking to recycle pc parts or other electronic waste, contact us today for more information.