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We live in a time of impressive technological advancements. It seems new electronic devices are being introduced every few months, seemingly better than the last, and with all the cutting-edge features you wouldn’t think you needed. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting the latest invention in computing and communication. However, the downside of all these developments is the rising amount of electronic waste. The best way of handling e-waste is recycling. But why settle for just recycling when you can sell your electronics for cash?

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Sell Old Electronics for Cash

Instead of letting your old PC’s, laptops, and other electrical devices gather dust in your garage and storage spaces, consider selling your old electronics for cash and give them an extended usable life. There are plenty of companies like TechRest and online platforms where you can sell old electronics for cash or receive in-kind offers like gift certificates or shopping credits. With the right vendor, you can eliminate the process of meeting physically with potential buyers, processing shipping fees, and even relinquishing a part of your proceeds as a fee payment on some online platforms.

You may not be able to sell all your old electronics for cash as the state of your electronics will determine their viability for sale. Most of these platforms claiming to help you sell your old electronics for cash may reject some of your devices, or they may not sell at the price you want them to sell for. Additionally, while offering you some compensation for your old electronics, trade-in programs may not offer the actual amount you could make if you sold the devices yourself or worked with a trusted vendor first-hand.

What is IT Equipment Recycling

As a rule of thumb, always work with verified and certified vendors to get you the best price for your old electronics. The point of trying to sell your old electronics for cash is to get the highest and the best price the market can offer.

Selling old electronics for cash is not only for people with old TVs and laptops at home. Businesses, too, can benefit significantly from the resale of their old IT assets. The initial purchasing of IT equipment and its subsequent maintenance is very costly. This is made worse with constantly updated technology that quickly makes your current IT infrastructure obsolete. When you upgrade your equipment, an ITAD vendor can work with you to provide a return on investment on your initial IT Asset purchase by selling them for cash. A qualified company can help you handle your transition into your new IT system while seamlessly and securely allowing you to deal with your old equipment in a quick and environmentally safe manner. And give you the best return on investment by selling your old electronics for cash.

No matter how much IT equipment you need to dispose of, TechRest has the experience and technical expertise to handle all types of IT assets and in varying quantities.

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Reasons to Choose TechReset

TechReset is a leader in IT asset disposal and operates on the best practices for asset disposal. Since our founding, we have led the industry in the safe and proper disposal of IT assets. Our disposal methods vary from resale, repurposing, and recycling by donation. TechReset can tailor its services to suit your goal for repurposing your old IT assets fully, whatever your needs.

If you are primarily in the market to sell your old electronics for cash, we offer safe and secure removal and assessment of your old electronics and IT assets. We process every device individually to ensure that all sensitive data is erased before any further processing is done.

Sell your Old Electronics for Cash

Many people are hesitant to recycle IT equipment because of sensitive data contained on storage devices within their equipment. With TechReset, the safety of your sensitive information is our top priority.

No matter what industry you are in or the size of operation, we can facilitate your equipment’s quick resale and quickly assess and secure recycling options for you. Over 90% of all the IT equipment we have processed has been recycled in one way or another, including through reselling, as we are committed to getting you the best value possible. Our value chain includes value-added resellers we trust to resell all your equipment and get you the best price for your old devices. So look around your office today and know that you have a solid partner in us to help you sell your old electronics for cash.

Securing your Business's Valuable Information

A major concern for businesses is how data from old IT equipment is erased. TechReset conducts an audit of your IT hardware and reviews the data contained in your storage devices. You witness the data and storage device destruction process. Every step is documented, reported, and approved by you, the business owner. Our hard drive shredding services cater for devices such as:

  • Optical media devices: DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Blu-Ray disks
  • Solid State Drives Hard Disk Drives: both internal and external drives
  • Flash memory devices: USB flash drives
  • Magnetic drives: Floppy disks

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How to Sell Electronics at TechReset

This is how we help you sell your old electronics for cash;


we will come on-site and remove your old electronics and IT assets. Our experienced and insured technicians safely remove and de-install all your old equipment. Our method is non-intrusive and quick, leaving you to handle your business uninterrupted. We then transfer your equipment to our secure facilities for further processing.

* As a precursor to this step, you can use our ROI calculator to determine how much cash you could potentially get after selling your old equipment.


We assess your old equipment and provide you with an audit report that details our professional assessment of your items and offers any predicted financial return expected from the resale of functional pieces.

Data Erasure

We perform a secure data erasure and physical hard drive shredding for every IT asset in our stead. Your security is our utmost priority, and before we resell any of your equipment, we ensure that all sensitive information is destroyed and completely removed from your devices.


As a further assurance of our promise, we work with verified Value Added Resellers who provide end-of-life IT solutions to ensure that your devices are repurposed.

IT Asset Audit

Customer Testimonials

We have worked with many regional and international companies within Canada to recycle and resell their old IT Assets. These include:

  • Loblaws – 9,000 units repurposed over 1,600 locations.
  • Telus – 4,000 units repurposed over 350 locations.
  • HSBC – 3,800 units repurposed over 135 locations.
  • Intact Insurance – 3,500 units over 45 locations.
  • LCBO – 3,300 units over 625 locations.
  • Zayo – 2,000 units over 6-8 locations.
  • Deloitte – 1,250 units over 68 locations.

At the core of our business is our love for the environment and coming up with IT recycling solutions that put our clients’ needs and protect our environment. Recycling is great for the planet, getting paid to recycle old electronics is even better, and TechReset is happy to partner with you every step of the way.

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