3 Key Essentials To Manage Secure Data Center Decommissioning

data center decommissioning

Data Center Decommissioning requires a focus on the physical IT asset. Physical IT security is vital in making sure the avoidance of data from being compromised physically. In a recent report, 63% of organizations reported security violations over the last year because of hardware exposures, and just 59% of those companies had an executed hardware security strategy. Such susceptibilities have become a target as cybercriminals face stronger security safety measures and technologies by other ways.

As data threats amplify, a lot are looking to prioritize integrating approaches for advancing physical security during server decommissioning. As per the experts for ITAD in Toronto at TechReset, the following are a few key essentials that can be done to manage secure data center decommissioning:

  • Data Center Decommissioning: Track & Report on all Inventory

When it comes to the disposal and decommissioning program of the IT assets, a strong IT asset inventory list is considered to be the backbone. If a data center manages an updated asset inventory list, preferably mapped by hardware, software, coordinate, grid and more, the vendor can map out their job and provide a more specific approximation of how long the procedure will take. Ongoing management of an IT asset inventory list helps make sure all items accounted for, all assets can be located by tracking cabinet and rack slot, and can later be referenced when tracking disposition.

Keeping that list updated and administering data destruction for every data storage device is where implementation and daily management can turn out to be a challenge. To deal with this information, ITAD portal systems are considered to be very useful. Recorded details might include make, model, serial number, and how and when the asset was redeployed or reused. ITAD vendors typically offer this as a part of their service and TechReset, in particular, can offer multiple currencies and additional data capture for clients with distinctive requirements.

The TechReset portal system can support pickup requests, asset tracking, asset resale through e-commerce, reporting and certificates of data destruction.

  • Utilize IT Smart Hands Services

A smart hands service is a wonderful choice to utilize if you require on-site technicians. These specialized technicians for safe e-waste disposal in Toronto manage data destruction of unused or replaced servers, storage or network equipment. Such services are projected to be a less expensive choice to appointing authorized technicians and provide an option for a specialized and compliant service that can be utilized 24/7.

Such services usually include electronics recycling, IT redeployment or resale, data destruction, and inventory control. Using smart hands services can offer full-time accountability for assets, compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, and environmentally responsible disposition.

  • Data Center Decommissioning: Consult with the Industry Specialists

When managing data center decommissioning and ITAD in Mississauga, each company has needs and requirements that are only one of its kind. From a global perspective, when managing assets in different locations around the world, regulations will differ by region. Having a strategic advisor for authorized ITAD available to help guide you on regulations and legislation, will offer a wonderful impact on the overall integrity of your program. ITAD and security done well go hand in hand. Unexpected delays, general carelessness, and lack of expertise can lead to a higher cost than just unrecovered value. At last, the disposition of an IT asset is just as effective as the safeguards you bring into being and the vendors you select.

Also, making sure a smooth vendor transition is vital to make sure you are getting the service you signed up for.

An estimated 37% of IT budgets are proposed to be dedicated to the cloud by 2021, leaving cloud providers with growing demands and expectations. The experts shared what they believe the three utmost risks within the ITAD process. These risks included recycling, transportation logistics, and data sanitization. Spending budget and time on ITAD security in your data center will play more of a role in keeping your business, and its stored data, protected.

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