What are the Differences between ITAD and Recycling?

IT Equipment Disposal​

In today’s digital climate, Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) companies are an extremely useful resource when it comes to handling the safe and reliable disposal of your IT equipment. While ‘ITAD’ and ‘electronics recycling’ are often used interchangeably, they are not synonymous terms. Electronics recycling is just one facet of the broader ITAD scope and can also involve responsibly managing Universal Waste and other hazardous materials. Conversely, ITAD is a comprehensive solution that includes other services with a focus on recovering the maximum value out of your equipment.

ITAD vs. Recycling

As the IT industry continues to evolve, an increasing emphasis on IOT, big data and cloud computing results in significant electronic waste. In order to eliminate this e-waste, more and more companies are turning to ITAD services to help eradicate unwanted yet sensitive data.

Learn more about the differences between ITAD and recycling services below:


  • Consult an ITAD company if your IT equipment is newer than 5 years old and maintains its function, you have components that retain value but need to be restored and / or you have a large volume of storage, servers, networking equipment and more.
  • The goal of ITAD companies is to put money back into your pocket. For this reason, companies will perform asset valuation and remain up-to-date with the changing landscape of IT markets.
  • ITAD companies may pay you based on the value of your IT equipment.


  • Recycling companies can be very useful if your IT material is beyond repair or nobody is willing to pay for it. Recycling equipment may also be the right choice if you have several large pieces of equipment that are worth less than the cost of moving them.
  • Recyclers are not a good choice if you are uncertain of your IT equipment’s value, have equipment that retains value or have electronics that are damaged but repairable. In these cases, you may want to consider working with an ITAD company first.
  • Since recyclers deal with commodities, there are different price models. For instance, depending on the type of material, recyclers may pay by weight or volume.

At TechReset, we take pride in providing safe and sustainable disposal solutions for all your confidential data and electronic waste. Through ITAD industry best practices, we can ensure that you achieve total data security in an environmentally friendly manner. We make this happen while maximizing the value of your old equipment so you can offset the costs of your new technology purchases. As leaders in the ITAD industry, our services go beyond recycling your unwanted IT assets. We specialize in repurposing units and have done so with more than 90% of the equipment we’ve received thus far. In addition to repurposing, we also offer physical hard drive shredding and disposal to deliver your complete peace of mind.

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