Get Your IT Assets Recycled – Just Keep Away From Tossing Them

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IT assets that are no longer wanted need to be properly disposed of.

These days, a lot of people across the globe carry electronic devices with them each day. We have constant digital access capabilities on a 24 x 7 basis, whether a tablet, laptop, or Smartphone. Electronic items have turned out to be more common in our daily lives, and a lot of individuals feel they need the latest technology with the release of new models and software. But when you buy a new device, do you ever think about what happens to the old one?

Throwing away not required technology is something we do not think about in general, but IT Assets Recycled and all across the globe have become a considerable concern that we must be aware of. Roughly 54.7 million tonnes of waste is turned out each year, and a few nations out there are contributing to this a great deal more than others.

Over the past ½ decade, the amount of electronic waste has amplified by 26%. China is the biggest contributor to global electronic waste that generated about 11.2 million tons of it over the past year. However, this number is a little misleading, as China has the largest population on the planet.

North America plays a crucial role in contributing a large amount of electronic waste on the globe. In 2019, the United States alone turned out 7.1 million tonnes of electronic waste. Steps are required to be taken to drop off the amount of generated electronic waste each year. Drawing knowledge of electronic waste concerns and shedding light on how much electronic waste each nation generates per annum is the initial step in the right direction.

At TechReset, reducing carbon footprint is a necessary component in all our ITAD  processes. We deliver smart, environmentally friendly disposable programs to support sustainability on a lot of fronts. Our team stringently abides by the Reduce – Reuse – Recycle viewpoint concerning carbon emissions avoidance to build a better planet and brighter future.

Right-to-Repair Movement Can Help Lessen Electronic Waste

The Right-to-Repair movement aims to save consumers money while making a sure longer lifespan of the product and lessening electronic waste by getting rid of planned obsolescence. By definition, “Right-to-Repair” is a class of laws that necessitate manufacturers of consumer electronics and other goods to build their products in a manner that allows customers to repair their products without any need to get through the manufacturer.

Many consumers tend to throw away their old technology instead of choosing safe e-waste disposal in Toronto when the device no longer holds a charge or the hard drive malfunctions. Numerous manufacturers have observed this and have implemented more sustainable practices and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards in production and have put trade-in programs into practice to reduce the amount of electronic waste from being thrown in the landfills.

The EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) estimated that “Discarded IT assets accounted for as much as 2.46 million tons of electronic waste in 2009 with around 1.65 tons ending up in landfills.” However, due to the security issues associated with the demolition of out-of-date devices, manufacturers move towards proprietary hardware that has resulted in fewer repair alternatives for devices.

The Right-to-Repair movement continues to drive force, and these standards will possibly spread out to more industries as governments take the essential measures to meet sustainable practices. Even though “No national Right-to-Repair framework exists yet in the United States, at least ten states have active measures pending.” However, once more manufacturers begin to take on Right-to-Repair practices, consumers should be capable of looking forward to an extended lifespan on their next devices.

TechReset demonstrates wonderful processes for safe IT Assets Recycled in Mississauga to help support your organization by getting the most out of value recovery and protecting the environment. So stand with us and support Right-to-Repair to build a better planet and brighter future. So the next time you are thinking of buying a new IT asset, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, do not miss to think about disposing of the old one safely or assessing its prospects to get it repaired.

We, at TechReset, Can Certainly Help With Your Unwanted IT Assets

If you have got any IT assets, such as servers, devices, or other pieces of electronic waste that you would like to dispose of, do not hesitate to reach out to the dedicated team at TechReset. We have got you thoroughly covered, from refurbishing to data center decommissioning.

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