ITAD and COVID-19 – A Quick Precautionary Guide

ITAD - safe e-waste disposal

ITAD remains an important initiative for companies, even during the pandemic.

If someone told me a few months ago, the universal economy would collapse, millions would lose their jobs, and schools would be closed all in response to a global pandemic, just like the rest of us, I wouldn’t have believed them. Yet, here we are today!

At the moment, in the majority of the parts, worldwide, if a worker can work remotely, the probabilities are they are doing so. With little to no advance notice for IT departments, this has caused a lot of companies to mix up in offering the software and hardware support their staff requires to deal with their workload distantly. As a result, this is causing a huge increase in demand for IT and tech equipment.

IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD) Are Deemed Essential

Support is required for telecommunications and data centers supply chain as more are dependent on technology and the internet for continuing their company operations effectively. ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) service providers like TechReset are engaged in keeping the reverse logistics supply chain open, and with more purchases of new electronics, the disruption to that supply chain has resulted in amplified demand for pre-owned products.

Redeployment services are being used more as IT managers send equipment for resale. In place of the working equipment being resold to external purchasers, they might demand to purchase back their devices. Redeployment of used assets within your company can decrease the total cost of ownership by expanding the overall asset lifecycle. Redeployment programs show environmental and fiscal accountability.

Safety Precautions

At TechReset, we make sure the health and safety precautions of every employee and customer.

  • We strictly abide by enhanced hygiene standards, including regular change and cleaning of all tools and equipment at the premises.
  • We make sure every employee has thoroughly covered his face using a quality facemask and uses gloves while working.
  • Each piece of equipment we receive is thoroughly sanitized using a premium quality sanitizer, and disinfectants and hand sanitizers are placed at every entry and exit point.
  • Exclusive sitting arrangement for clients and staff has been made at our premises, which is at least six feet away from one person.

At TechReset, the health and well-being of our staff and customers is our top priority. We understand that some of our customers may be impacted by the global outbreak of COVID-19, and we are committed to your needs. We continue to keep an eye on the circumstances and are following the guidelines and recommendations made by the various authorities, including health, hygiene and social distancing at our premises. Limiting the spread of the virus is an issue we take extremely seriously, and we have the essential safety and security processes and technology in place to mitigate the impact on our staff and customers.

Do your remote employees know the ins and outs of your ITAD processes?

For a lot of companies, providing the staff with proper technology for remote work in a short window of time was nothing less than chaotic. If you did not take the time to formulate and communicate your ITAD process to the remote staff, this is the right time to do that.

  • What should workers do with their devices if they leave the organization?
  • What if, while they are working distantly, one of their company-owned assets is stolen?

Defining a clear procedure now takes the guesswork out of the next steps should they be justified. Besides, be certain you’ve got a procedure in place for updating every worker – remote staff included – on any ITAD policy modifications you implement.

Controlling Your E-Waste In A COVID-19 Situation

When COVID-19 limitations are ultimately lifted and workers return to the office, so will their new and redundant work-from-home devices. Is your company ready to deal with the influx of IT assets or will it simply turn out to be a part of a bigger e-waste problem?

Be Aware Of The Problem

Nearly fifty million lbs of e-waste are generated each year, which is equivalent to:

  • About 800 laptops in need of disposal every second
  • 4,500 Eiffel Towers enough to cover an area the size of Manhattan
  • The weight of the entire commercial aircraft ever built throughout history

Be A Part Of The Solution

As you consider your post-COVID work environment, you should have the arrangement to deal with the entirely new and redundant IT assets that come back with your work-from-home staff. Companies need to make sustainable processes that produce less waste while recycling and re-using devices in eco-friendly manners.

Working with an ITAD partner, such as TechReset, companies can combat the end-of-life IT asset outbreak and the invasion in post-COVID device returns through:

  • E-Waste Recycling – You can feel safe knowing that industry best practices are followed by TechReset, including no-landfill and no-export policy.
  • IT Asset Remarketing – Lower the total cost of ownership of your inherited PCs, laptops and other hardware while maintaining the sensitive data.

ITAD is a crucial component of any IT company. If you would like to explore more regarding the ways to deal with redundant IT equipment and other do’s and don’ts for e-waste disposal during a pandemic, do not hesitate to give a call to TechReset at 905 510 8969, or you can even drop an e-mail at We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can partner with you to deal with the excess or end-of-life assets!