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Data shredding is the process of overwriting sections in a storage device so that the data is no longer readable or recoverable. Data shredding services use software that permanently wipes data off all types of devices. Data shredding software is superior because physical hard drive shredding does not erase data effectively.
The best practice is to engage a local IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company that offers professional data shredding as a service. It is tempting to purchase a shredder to save costs, but professional data shredders save you time and money. IT Asset Disposition companies specialise in data shredding and have to be certified and familiar with any data shredding regulations applicable in your province.

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Other reasons to engage data shredding services near me:

Your data is protected

Data shredding services safeguard your data. Service providers invest in machinery, software, and systems that ensure client's data does not fall into the wrong hands. Shredding data on your own is not recommended. Doing so may lead to data leaks due to employees not having the proper training.

Data shredding services comply with regulations

Any credible data shredding company is required to provide a certificate of destruction for their work. Certification ensures the process is legal and done according to data shredding regulations. Data regulations in Canada are keen on governing data management and secure destruction. Finding data shredding near me will ensure compliance with laws and protect your organisation's data.

Data shredding services are cost-effective

Data shredding companies have invested in equipment for this purpose and have invested in the necessary certifications. Trying to shred your data will be expensive in the long run due to machinery maintenance costs and the cost of training staff. You are better off engaging the services of professionals so you can focus on your core business.

Why Should you Shred Data?

You may wonder why you need to destroy data given the many storage options available.
Data destruction is now an essential part of asset lifecycle management for many businesses. Lots of data is collected and stored within a business’s infrastructure, and to stay competitive, organizations need to upgrade or replace systems to increase performance or capacity.

Not disposing of IT infrastructure assets correctly means sensitive company or personal data may end up in the wrong hands. There are many examples of the reputational risk organizations face as a result of data leaks. Companies have a hard time reclaiming their reputation because they did not follow best practices concerning proper data destruction.

Another reason to destroy data is to keep up with ever-changing data laws. New Legislation governing data destruction may require you to update the data destruction policies within your organization. Destroying data based on the latest regulations protects your organization, employees, and clients from litigation.

Data shredding protects your organization from espionage. It’s no secret that competing enterprises can spy on one another to stay ahead. Destroying old data keeps your organization’s intellectual property, employee information, and client records protected from the competition.

Destroying data protects current employees, former employees, clients, and shareholders from fraud and identity theft.

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Regulations to Protect your Data

To protect your data from mismanagement by data shredding companies, the Canadian government created legislation to protect clients if your data falls into the wrong hands.
The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) protects confidential data in private companies’ possession. This regulation governs your data collection, usage, and confidentiality while undertaking commercial engagements such as data shredding services.
PIPEDA requires organizations that handle or collect data to bear the responsibility to protect that information.

Tips to Secure your Data

Although there are data protection laws, it is also the organization’s responsibility to secure its data. As malware becomes more intelligent and pervasive, data breaches have become more common, putting sensitive data at risk. Apart from shredding data, below are four tips to secure your data:

Data Destruction Certificate andData Shredding Services

Data discovery tools

Data discovery tools: Regularly use data discovery tools to review how and where information flows in your company. This lets you know how data is being shared, which devices store this data, and identify specific users with access to this data. These tools identify potential risks and actual data breaches then immediately notify system administrators. Examples of such tools are IBM Security Guardium, Digital Guardian, and SolarWinds MSP Risk Intelligence.

Malware protection software

Malware protection software: Protect against malware attacks by installing firewalls, strengthening your wireless networks to protect against hackers, and installing trusted malware protection software.

Be careful with BYOD

Be careful with BYOD: The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has opened up organizations to multiple attack vectors. If possible, provide work devices to employees to avoid them handling business information on personal devices. Work devices can also be tracked and audited, preventing sensitive data from being shared with outsiders. If there is no other way to prevent employees from using their personal devices for work, arrange to have secure virtual mobile infrastructure dedicated to the organization’s use.

Security policies and training

Security policies and training: Implement data security policies in your company and educate employees—train employees on the importance of data security and the consequences of leaking sensitive information.

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Types of Data Destruction Services

There are several data removal services to consider for your business. The type of data destruction method you select depends on cost, the scale of data destruction, and the number of devices. TechReset offers the following data destruction services:

Deleting data

Deleting data is one of the simplest forms of data destruction. Deleting files only works by removing data from the file system but does not wipe data completely. This works for small-scale, low-risk scenarios where you need to remove files and create temporary space on devices.

Wiping data/data erasure

Wiping overwrites data such that the original data becomes unreadable. Wiping overwrites but does not obliterate data. It is ideal for recycling storage devices.

Data degaussing

Degaussing erases data by destroying the magnetic field that stores data in magnetic storage devices. The degaussing machine rearranges the magnetic structure of storage devices, thereby destroying previously stored data. Data is unrecoverable once devices are degaussed. This method is ideal due to its low impact on the environment.

Physical shredding

This method physically destroys storage devices using large capacity mills and shredders. Physical shredding is good for when storage devices are no longer useful. Various materials are recovered for recycling during the shredding process, such as plastic and precious metals.

Why Shred your Data with TechReset?

TechReset offers secure data erasure services that leave no trace of data in your systems. Our technique guarantees forensic-level data sanitization and hard drive shredding that’s environmentally safe.
We also provide a detailed report on each device in the data destruction process. The final report is approved by Blancco Canada. TechReset is one of its silver partners. Blancco is the gold standard in data destruction.

We have streamlined our data shredding services to the zero-landfill initiative policy. When we dispose of materials that cannot be repurposed, we present the client with a Certificate of Landfill Diversion to ensure all materials have been disposed of using the proper practices. The certificate indicates that disposed materials have been processed for resale or recycling in compliance with Canada’s regulations.

Best Practices used in the Disposal of E-Waste

Why Shred your Data with TechReset?

TechReset is committed to high-quality service delivery. Our certifications ensure we deliver services that meet regulatory standards and are environmentally safe. TechReset adheres to the Basel Convention protocols. We are also an Environmental Disposition Partner. Other certifications we hold include:

  • R2:2013 Certification – for responsible recycling practices
  • Blancco Certified Silver Partner – Blancco is the gold standard in data destruction
  • Generator status in the Ontario Electronic Stewardship Program (OES)
  • ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Certification

Enhanced Data Shredding Services

TechReset has put in place data security policies that ensure all your data is destroyed safely and responsibly. When you engage our data shredding services, we provide you with:

  • A report detailing IT assets scheduled for shredding, the status of each item, the data destruction method we will apply, and materials recovered during the shredding process.
  • A Certificate of Data sanitization or Destruction for all assets that were disposed of.


Other Services we Provide at TechReset

TechReset is a full-service IT Asset disposition company. We not only dispose of e-waste, but we also refurbish and resell IT equipment to help you recover your investment. Other services we offer include:

On-site Asset Removal

Our team provides on-site asset removal. We de-install assets, collect and remove equipment without disrupting business operations. All assets are transported securely to our facilities.

Product Audits

We evaluate your equipment to determine what needs to be disposed of, refurbished, recycled, or destroyed. We also audit the financial value of the equipment and send you a detailed report.

Equipment redeployment

We refurbish old equipment into usable hardware and also reinstall up-to-date software.

Value-Added Reseller

We work with Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to resell equipment and recover the investment you made to purchase the equipment.

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