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TechReset is a certified e-waste company offering comprehensive electronic waste recycling services. We provide electronic recycling in Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, and all other cities in Canada. Our company is certified by R2, ISO 9000 standards, and Blancco, where we are a silver partner to ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery to our clients.

Electronic waste (e-waste) is electronic equipment that is no longer useful or is nearing the end of its useful life. This equipment includes laptops, desktop computers, servers, networking devices, TVs, Analog devices, storage devices, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, home entertainment units, smartphones, kitchen appliances, etc.

With the rapid growth in digitization, businesses have to adopt the services of electronic recycling companies to manage the disposal, updating, and upgrading of their IT equipment safely and securely.

IT Asset Audit

TechReset also provides a return on investment for the hardware you’d like to sell. We understand that investing in IT equipment is a costly venture which is why we developed a Return On Investment (ROI) calculator for you to calculate how much your used IT hardware is worth when you need to resell it. You can try our ROI calculator, key in the information required, and we will email you an estimate of how much your used equipment is worth.

Electronic Waste Recycling Services

Our e-waste company provides electronic waste recycling services across Canada. Our team of experts can come to your business premises to help you recycle your e-waste in an ethical, safe, and secure way. We conduct an audit of your IT equipment, sort out confidential data and dispose of old hardware. In addition, we offer the services below:

On-Site Removal

Asset de-installation, non-invasive collection, and removal.

Product Auditing

To determine the hardware that needs to be recycled or disposed of. Auditing ensures businesses are optimizing their hardware and disposing of it ethically.

Secure Data Erasure & Hard Drive Shredding

Secure Data Erasure & Hard Drive Shredding: IT equipment contains sensitive and confidential data such as trade secrets, intellectual property, staff records, payroll information, etc. TechReset erases data and shreds storage devices using our state-of-the-art equipment while ensuring no confidential data remains on the hard drives. Erasure and shredding take place at your business premises to prevent data leaks.

Zero Landfill Initiative

We are an ISO 14001 Environmental certified institution. Our e-waste company rigorously follows environmental management standards. This ensures we divert e-waste from landfills by recycling and reselling IT hardware.


We turn older IT equipment into usable equipment. This involves updating, upgrading reinstalling software and hardware parts in IT equipment.

Value-Added Resellers

We work with resellers to offer end-of-life IT solutions – you can estimate how much you'll make from reselling with our ROI calculator.

What is IT Equipment Recycling

TechReset recycles and disposes of the types of IT equipment listed below:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
  • Servers
  • Analog display devices such as CRT monitors
  • Storage devices
  • Outdated power backups
  • And more
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Why TechReset is the Best Electronic Waste Recycling Company

TechReset is a certified electronic waste recycling center in Canada with years of qualified experience in e-waste management. Among electronic recycling companies, we are ranked at the very top in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

We also seek to help you recover some of the cost of your IT assets by calculating the Return on Investment you can expect from your old IT hardware by having it recycled by us.

Our team of experts is on-site throughout the e-waste recycling, data erasure, and hard drive shredding process.

Securing your Business's Valuable Information

A major concern for businesses is how data from old IT equipment is erased. TechReset conducts an audit of your IT hardware and reviews the data contained in your storage devices. You witness the data and storage device destruction process. Every step is documented, reported, and approved by you, the business owner. Our hard drive shredding services cater for devices such as:

  • Optical media devices: DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Blu-Ray disks
  • Solid State Drives Hard Disk Drives: both internal and external drives
  • Flash memory devices: USB flash drives
  • Magnetic drives: Floppy disks

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Where can I Recycle e-waste?

There are many electronic recycling companies in the market, but most do not have nationwide coverage. TechReset has electronic recycling centers in Toronto, Ottawa, and all the major cities across Canada.

TechReset leads the pack thanks to our geographical representation across all cities, state-of-the-art recycling and disposition equipment, and on-demand customer support.

We visit your business premises, conduct a needs analysis and product audit, start the sorting process to identify what needs to be recycled, resold, or disposed of then start the erasure and shredding process.

The e-waste Recycling Process

Site visit needs analysis and product audits.

The recycling process starts with the e-waste company conducting an IT audit to determine what needs to be recycled, upgraded, repaired, or disposed of. The client provides the complete IT inventory and documentation that tracks the recycling process. Both parties agree in writing on how the recycling process will take place, the period required, costs, and other important items.

Collection and Transportation

The next step is transporting the equipment identified during the auditing phase. The ITAD company should provide specialized transport. Both parties should witness the collection process. Ensure items are ticked off and recorded for accountability.

Shredding, Sorting, and Separation

Both parties need to agree if sorting and shredding will be done on or off-site. For sensitive equipment such as storage devices, consider shredding at your premises. The client’s representatives should supervise the process to avoid data leakages.
The equipment needs to be sorted and separated for recycling in their specific machinery to stop materials from mixing and polluting the environment.


TechReset will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the items disposed of and demonstrate that all data has been erased have been completed to certify the recycling was done according to standards.

Recycle your e-waste with us

TechReset is rated among the top electronic recycling Toronto companies. We also have an electronics recycling Ottawa company where we offer the whole range of IT asset disposal services. In addition to our comprehensive package, we help you identify IT equipment for resale, calculate the Return on Investment you stand to gain with our ROI calculator, and help you recover the most from the investment made in IT equipment. Our e waste recycling factory is equipped with high-quality, automated machinery that can recycle almost all e-waste while minimizing pollution and environmental impact. We will recycle your e-waste according to certified standards and support your ongoing business needs through value-added IT solutions.

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