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ITAD Service Companies Introduction

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services have grown into a billion-dollar industry thanks to increased computer and mobile technology usage across the globe. IT disposal services and ITAD companies have become critical for a business to keep up with ever-changing technology. IT asset disposal companies have helped thousands of companies extend the life cycle of their IT equipment and resell used hardware, saving them millions in dollars they had initially invested in the equipment.

According to The World Economic Forum, only 17% – 18% of the 53.6 million tonnes of end-of-life electronics worldwide are recycled responsibly. This scenario presents both a problem for our communities and an opportunity for IT assets disposal services to help in managing e-waste.

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IT Disposal Services

ITAD companies are a necessity for any business handling large volumes of IT equipment. IT disposal companies specialize in helping you recycle, repurpose and dispose of used IT hardware.

Services ITAD companies offer include:

Recycling IT equipment

IT equipment recycling prevents further destruction of the environment. Recycling reduces the amount of e-waste in landfills. ITAD companies have specialized equipment to take apart hardware, repair, and reassemble parts into usable condition. Recycling also involves refurbishing computing equipment that can then be sold to people and organizations at reduced prices.

To recycle your company's IT hardware, get in touch with an IT Asset Disposition company in your area. They will identify what needs to be recycled and refurbished.

Equipment Removal and Transportation

Once you decide to recycle and dispose of IT equipment, an ITAD company will help you remove the equipment from your premises. This process may sound simple, but in reality, it involves planning, reviewing equipment to be recycled, and scheduling time to remove the equipment without disrupting the business. Equipment removal should be done securely and transported safely to avoid damage. This process also needs to be supervised by a representative from the company.

What Is Hard Drive Disposal

Storage Device Shredding

Shredding works by physically destroying storage devices such as solid-state devices, hard disk drives, flash media, and magnetic tapes to ensure all data is physically destroyed.

ITAD service companies have shredding equipment that ensures minimal waste goes to landfills. The ITAD company will provide a certificate of destruction once the shredding is complete. This certificate gives you the confidence and a clear conscience that the shredding was as per ISO accredited standards.

Repurposing unwanted IT Hardware

A quality ITAD company has the ability to remarket and repurpose older IT Assets in the marketplace to reduce the environmental footprint further. They will often provide an online tool to enable clients to estimate how much they'll gain from selling old IT equipment. This enables them to recover some of the investment initially made on the purchase of the equipment.

How to Choose the Right ITAD Company for Your Business

There are plenty of IT asset disposal companies offering more or less the same IT disposal services. So how do you select the best company?

ITAD Service Companies: Services Offered

An IT Asset disposition company needs to offer all the services explained above in one package. This prevents multiple companies from handling sensitive equipment that can result in data not being destroyed or wrongful disposition. Even if you require one service, a company experienced in handling various scenarios will advise you about other IT disposal services that you may need.

IT Asset Disposition


Regulators rigorously inspect IT Asset Disposition companies. They must adhere to environmental policies with equipment that recycles e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner. It is only after meeting the criteria for certification, will such a company be allowed to operate. The main certifications to look out for are the R2 Standard, Blancco, and ISO 9000 Standards – Quality Management. Always ask to see the company's certifications before engaging their services.

Reliability in Communication and Feedback

A good company should be reliable and easily accessible during working hours. Watch out for how a company communicates, how long they take to respond. Also, look out for their willingness to provide feedback for questions you ask. An effective ITAD company should provide as much information as you need due to the sensitive nature of disposing of IT equipment.


Make sure to compare pricing versus the service provided. Some companies can overquote for fewer services, then pile up additional costs once the contract is signed.

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What TechReset offers - IT Asset Disposal Vendors.

TechReset is the leading provider of IT Asset Disposition services in Canada. We offer the full range of services:


  • On-Site removal through asset de-installation, non-invasive collection, and removal of assets.
  • Product Auditing. We help you identify equipment that needs to be upgraded, refurbished, or recycled before disposal.
  • Secure Data Erasure & Hard Drive Shredding.
  • Redeployment by turning older IT equipment into usable hardware with up-to-date software.
  • Value-Added Resellers. We identify and work with resellers to offer a resale market and end-of-life IT solutions.


We also adhere to the Zero Landfill Initiative set by ISO 14001 Environmental certified institution. This initiative ensures that TechReset contributes zero e-waste to local landfills.

Why TechReset is the Best ITAD company?

TechReset offers a whole range of IT asset disposal services; we work with you to help you identify the best disposal or resale options for your IT equipment, calculate the value you can recover from surplus or unused IT assets.

TechReset goes beyond recycling computers. Donations from our clients also provide equipment for community programs to teach basic computer skills to advance computer literacy for seniors, and we work hard to give back to help extend access to computers for schools, organizations, and families that need them.

ITAD Service Companies

Learn why TechReset is your trusted ITAD service partner.

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